Trump threatens Comey on Twitter, suggests he has "tapes" of their conversations


Dear Mr. Comey,
Allow me to introduce myself. I am a recruitment consultant for an organisation which headhunts extremely senior people for very high level positions. I understand that you have parted from your previous employer through no fault of your own, and my client has specifically asked that you be contacted.

The post which we are trying to fill is at the highest level of an international organisation which has a long track record in investigating security threats to a range of governments. Indeed, I think I can say with confidence that their expertise in this area is at least on a par with that of the FBI, and in some areas (like information warfare) surpasses it. If you accept the post, you will discover that the organisation holds a surprising amount of information on your former employer and, subject to review, you may find yourself in a position to make use of it.
Some relocation would be required but the package of benefits is considerable. The basic salary is $1 million per year payable into the tax haven of your choice. There is a company apartment in truly palatial surroundings overlooking an internationally famous square in a capital city. Chauffeur-driven transport and a private aircraft are part of the package. The post carries a corresponding military rank of General and the right to wear the uniform of your choice on official occasions. As well as the town apartment there is a country residence.

I look forward to receiving your expression of interest. Private transport will be provided to an interview which will normally take place in Sochi.



I’m surprised that the meeting of an evil Machiavellian mastermind like Kissinger and a fuckwit like Trump didn’t result in some kind of matter/antimatter explosion frankly.


Maybe they should have gone with: “It’s Kissingers all the way down”


My first thought was that “tapes” in quotes implies that there is actually some sort of electronic recording stored on a server somewhere, in which case I’d expect the h4x0rs to get on that business already.

[quote=“LurksNoMore, post:14, topic:100892”]a Nixon speedrun[/quote]I love it! Ruthless efficiency, brazen disregard for established rules and functionality, an addictive quality that draws in all the viewers – yes, a speedrun, truly!

And of course there’s the suspense of whether he’s going to flub it at the last instant and somehow stay in office after all.


I was gonna say. Does Trump… not know… that everything in there is taped?


Yeah…but true believers will know that it was Obama who authorized the taping!


I believe he has talked about taping people and spying on people staying at his hotels/resorts, so it’s not that big of a stretch to me.


We have the best Shinola. Really amazing, I can tell you. See this? Hyuge tin, All the shoes, we’re going to cover all the shoes…


Comey is a private citizen now, so he can say whatever the hell he wants, as long as it isn’t classified. A private conversation, even with the President, isn’t necessarily classified, and it’s not a crime to leak details of it.

Obviously Trump is the one who’s scared here, he can get impeached, whereas Comey can only hurt his reputation.

And Comey is also (love him or hate him) I think a very traditional kind of law man. He said he “felt nauseous” at the idea he influenced the election, so it’s not like he will go on Good Morning America and recount the conversation in detail, but he might approach members of Congress or others in the FBI and tell them what was discussed.


This seems to be a huge part of the Republican strategy genrally, from “he’s a scary secret foreign agent” to “his health care reforms will kill everyone” to Glenn Beck and Alex Jones diluting the very idea that circles and arrows can be a way of presenting factual information, so that things like:

Are already strongly associated with nutjob conspiracies only, and lose credibility…

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Here’s what righty aught to do. Get some “medical experts” on fox news to assert that D. Rump has a cognitive disorder giving his supporters an excuse to withdraw their support making way for, I don’t know…Paul LePage, Joe Arpaio, anybody.

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“with a few exceptions” is now trending on Twitter, e.g. September 11 was a beautiful day, with a few exceptions.


“With few exceptions”, like the alleged Alfa Bank loan that involved their constantly pinging the servers of the Orange Il Douche’s company (hey, if I loaned that grifter money I’d be checking in on him constantly, too).


That’s technically correct - his financing comes from Cyprus.


Hey now, Cypriot banks are in no way involved in laundering the money of Putin’s oligarch cronies … with a few exceptions.


Comey: “I have no tapes” (as he shuffles the various .wavs, .mp3s, .aiffs, .wmas, .flacs etc etc around to his various burner dropbox accounts).


Trump is still recording with tape because he knows that when it comes to recording infidelity, you’ve gotta go analog.