Trump threatens Comey on Twitter, suggests he has "tapes" of their conversations

Love the fact that for an island of just 1.1 million people there are 12 locally incorporated and 26 foreign registered banks in Cyprus.

Oh no…no money laundering going on there!

Oh, and I’m sure Trump’s commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, who just happened to be the vice-chariman at Bank of Cyprus in 2014 and personally invested €400 million of his own money into the bank’s financial bailout along with other Russian “investors” has absolutely NOTHING to do with it! Fake News!


As others have pointed out, Trump’s threats against Comey are witness intimidation and obstruction of justice – illegal, and impeachable offenses.


This is grossly unfair to Nixon. He was a deeply serious guy with some deep character flaws that led to his ultimate downfall.

But Nixon cared deeply about the country, about the Constitution (until the very, very end), about history, about foreign affairs, using government to, of all things, govern.

Trump is an id-centered shit gibbon.

And my prediction: Anthony Kennedy is going to retire this summer, the Senate will shove through a quick replacement as solid (to conservatives) as Gorsuch and then the next time Trump does something stupid (which will be three or four days later) there will be a preference cascade. I doubt this man is President on January 1, 2018.


It’s always a trifle creepy how a war criminal with limitless reserves of low cunning can still look ‘grandfatherly’ just by getting old.



The longer the Trump/Russia story stays in the news, the more Trump will tweet about it being fake and the media should ignore it, guaranteeing it will stay in the news. Trump is driving himself into an angry frenzy, and the more frenzied he gets the more mistakes he will make.


I love how even the Nixon Library has been showing a little sass as of late:

ETA: And I generally agree with your thesis that Nixon was nothing compared with Trump. I would have never voted for him had I been alive and of voting age when he was president, but I can recognize he did do good things for the country and actually believed in governing.


I’ve reached the stage where I got it immediately.

To this one (no, I don’t remember the original).



In all fairness, who hasn’t hung out with Kissinger?


Wait, do they see this as a negative?

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I can’t get that guy to leave my porch…


The only non-ghastly political conversation I had last thanksgiving was with an aunt, who confessed that Nixon (in '68) was the only Republican she had ever voted for. She was young, and very anti-war. LBJ had escalated the war in southeast Asia, and Nixon was at least making noises about getting the US out of it. She of course came to regret this when it turned out that Nixon’s idea of “getting out” included carpet bombing the region for several more years.

It’s really easy to judge my parent’s generation with the benefit of hindsight, but being a citizen of an empire that still desperately clings to the notion that it is in fact an adorable 'lil bespoke liberal republic is deeply complicated.


Well, they made it so that Trumpcare wouldn’t kill anyone.*

* With a few exceptions.


reddit nicking:


Now the comic just needs one dog saying this part on TV behind a dog with a MAGA hat saying this is fine with both rooms on fire.

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Update 2: Meanwhile, the leading Democrats on the House’s judiciary and oversight committees demanded in a letter that Trump turn over information about any potential recordings. The lawmakers, Reps. John Conyers and Elijah Cummings, cited federal law that criminalizes attempts to delay or obstruct witnesses, like Comey, from providing testimony.

So too did Democratic Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi ask Trump’s top White House lawyer to provide any such “tapes” that may have been made, as well as additional details about the president’s meeting with Russian leaders earlier this week. Krishnamoorthi serves on the House’s oversight committee as well.


I have to recommend the following tweetstorm on this topic:
After that one they get numbered one to forty. And i know that twitter is not the best medium for long essays, but this one is worth it.


No no no, I think Trump is using the word “hope” here because he HIMSELF has no idea if he’s being taped in the oval office - he probably thinks that might be a feature of the office but he’s not really sure…

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