Trump wants "my" documents back

Exactly. I was a bit disappointed at Beau’s take on this attitude when talking about the recently released NARA letter, because it seemed like giving 45 and his team the benefit of the doubt:

45 is a person who has successfully avoided consequences for his actions during most of his life so far. The utter disregard for rules, regulations, laws, etc. is not because he doesn’t understand. He just doesn’t care. This is just another reason why every example of chaos he’s left in his wake should be flung in the face of folks in the future who suggest government should be run like a business, by people who not only have no idea how our government works, but also zero desire to learn or to take advice from those who do.

This is why the idea that if he’d just given it back he would’ve been just fine also makes me angry. They gave him enough rope to hang himself, so set up the scaffold. At this point, they need to make such an example of him that all of his flunkies, minions, financial supporters, and cheerleaders think more than twice before they go down this road again.


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Everything else too, but especially that part.


T Entitled FG.


I would love to see TFG’s current “legal scholars” try this on.
Didn’t they just get nailed for fucking up the first step in court somehow (notalawyer)?

(p.s. I am not knocking your post, which was informative, thank you)


One hypothesis is that Jared Kushner obtained classified documents on nuclear technology to sell to the Saudis. In that case Kushner or people working for him would know what they grabbed for their Saudi friends.


“The Big Lie” is a subset of “The Big Grift”; the latter continues for $$$$ and having a shot at 2024.


I read somewhere, probably here, that Obama would get reams of documents and read it all thoroughly, 45, on the other hand, had to have everything précis’d down to a single sheet of A4, because he just wouldn’t/couldn’t read it.
He has the attention span of a brain-damaged
Lhasa Apso.



That’s the jackpot: If they can find that lackey, and turn him. Someone who can testify: “I told him what was there and he gave me the go-ahead to collect them to Port-o-Sano.” :pray:




If ever there was a good use for the D&D Explosive Runes spell, this would be it.


I sometimes wonder if this all got kicked off when some bad actor already under surveillance got some real intel, and the leak was traced back to Trump’s people. If so, we may never find out, as all that we’re seeing would then just be the parallel construction for the case they’re building, done so that the intelligence services don’t lose yet another valuable asset cleaning up after four years of aggressive mismanagement.


Yep, as I understand it Trump’s lawyers fucked up the paperwork applying to be allowed to practice law in the jurisdiction of the court handling this case - lawyers have to be admitted to the bar association of each state they practice law in, but can apply for an exception to be allowed to work on a specific case in a state they haven’t been admitted to the bar in. It’s some extremely basic, routine paperwork to do so, and Trump’s lawyers couldn’t even do that right.


I read in an article (should have saved it to cite it!) That the court’s webpage even has a sample of the paperwork needed. They couldn’t even be bothered enough to cut and paste


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ah, so if Donald Trump watches hannity in a SCIF, those video tapes can’t leave?

Im right there with you. This shit is long past getting old.


Sooooo… you’re saying you couldn’t read these things on the sh!tter.

(I keeeeeeed!)


Fucker is in a sweet loving embrace with absurdity.


probably not.

from all reports it sounds like first they asked, then they negotiated, then they subpoenaed, then they raided. so probably the archivists and various intelligence folks have known all along. like a slow motion train wreck

normally im all for the idea that incarcerated people should be able to vote. it would be ironic though if he could run and not even be able to vote for himself

someone kind of mentioned this already but these days paper doesn’t stay paper long. very curious how they will be able to figure out whether these were copied or scanned. digital data is hard to claw back