Trump's approval ratings go down the drain among his base

As Adlai Stevenson pointed out, they need a majority.

The dilemma of the current Republican party is that the rightmost 30% of the country is not enough to win a general election but more than enough to dominate the primaries.

The reason that the Senate is so deep in McConnell’s (and therefore Trump’s) pockets is that not having a spine is dangerous in the general election but having one is death in the primaries.

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He’s busy explaining America’s missile defense. A chimp will follow to explain practical FTL travel.

President Donald Trump will give remarks from the Pentagon Thursday on the 2019 Missile Defense Review.

The president will outline a new strategy for the United States missile defense including work to counter advancements in Russia and China’s weapon systems. The systems are also aimed at protecting against existing threats from Iran and North Korea.


things are definitely getting weird over in Foxland:

from the article


??? the fucking fuck?!? did I miss something?


Because of course he will.

Because Donald J Trump is the expert on every damn thing. A very stable genius.


Friend of mine likes to say that Ann Coulter says a lot of crazy stuff just to get attention, and you have to ignore that. She has lots of great opinions.

I’d guess that friend considers this one of the “Attention seeking” crazy statements.


Just a finger pinch to her batshit crazy audience to make sure that they’re still tuning in.


For all that they go on about rugged individualism, a lot of them are highly dependent on the government and its smooth operation. This stupid shutdown and the useless trade wars are beginning to impact them personally, which is the only thing that can move them since they’re not systematic thinkers who deal well with abstracts.


Carlson and Coulter are just a couple of right-wing populists deciding to make a firm break with the GOP establishment. They’re still the same toxic racists they always were. Any time you hear someone like those two talk about a progressive-sounding programme to benefit “the people” or “Americans”, always insert a “white” to understand who they want to get the lion’s share of the benefits.


The Koch bros are nasty people, no doubt, but they’re old-style, “libertarian”, business über alles types. They want an immigration reform for cheap agri and other labor, or at least to keep the status quo, not purges of “illegals” and brown-skinned people. They have no time for the alt-right, either, or the brainless nativist bluster that Trump embodies; they want a president who panders for the big businesses and keeps the economy on even keel, not some protectionist half-wit picking tariff fights with America’s biggest trade partners.

Coulter, of course, has sold her shriveled soul to the crazy right, so no wonder she’s now lashing out at Kochs, and through them, all the other big business types and Republican donors who don’t like Trump and correctly point out that the country’s going to hell in a handbasket under the dolt’s impetuous and puerile reign of misrule.


You may be onto something here.

@HMSGoose: Has Coulter’s Twitter account been hacked, or have The Brothers Koch finally stopped paying her?


Sabotaging a sound idea by extending it out to a no hope fringe position?


Andrew Jackson doesn’t even make the top 10? I guess genocide doesn’t count for much any more.


Anyone think that Ol’ Turtle Mitch McConnel is squashing bills from the house to reopen the government to put the squeeze on 45? When his support bottoms out, the GOP can turn on him ala Nixon.



there is actually more important news today

the republicans in the senate just endorsed Trump’s request to lift sanctions on a Russian oligarch, the one that was helping him win election and received the briefings and poll data and funded some of the social media campaigns to sway opinions with fake news

that is freaking huge, trump just lifted russian sanctions, think about that

I don’t understand why this isn’t getting more coverage, it’s massive


Simple answer is exhaustion. There are so many “huge” scandals in this administration that trying to focus on one is like picking one sparrow out of the whole flock. Any one of them would have ended any other administration. Here it’s just Thursday.


Before we start the ticker tape parade the 7 points is the total increase of the range between the approval and disapproval. His approval only moved down three points, which it has before. It’s also probably just outside the margin of error.

And the guy is still 15 points more popular than President Bush was in his last 2 years.


And it’s our job to make sure they’re all securely strapped to that anchor all the way down. Nobody in the GOP escapes accountability for this.


Oh the poor man! I’ll bet he feels really bad, we should cheer him up!

how about McDonald’s hamburgers? It seems that is the one thing to do it for him.


But that’s all part of his appeal. Trump’s base were fine with him blowing things up (nearly half of his supporters voted for him even though they thought he’d start a nuclear war), so long as he “owns the libs.” The Russia collusion was obvious since the campaign (and flagrant after he was elected).

I guess I keep reading too many articles with interviews with Trump supporters continuing to voice support for him, even as they take a financial hit; it’s been coloring my view of his support.