Trump's big 60 Minutes interview was a big ratings flop


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The best part about this story is knowing it drives him absolutely insane to not have good ratings.


Pretty much yeah- extremely satisfying to know he got bad ratings.

but it’s not surprising- isn’t everyone sick of hearing this idiot talk by now? Like 24-7 trump trump trump for 4 years wasn’t enough, who on earth would wanna watch a 60 minutes interview



Not surprising.

Everyone knows 60 Minutes caters to a mob of violent hippies.


I’m sorry, a “marker”.


What a horseface.


Both yesterday and today, they’ve made a special point on Morning Joe to call Trump a baby, just to get under his (very orange) skin.




His grip on reality is pretty tenuous at best. This may not be rhetorical.


But. We know what will happen.

  1. Tomorrow he will tweet that more than 10 million people watched him.
  2. Day after tomorrow he’ll re-iterate that 60 Minutes and A.P. is fake news.
  3. Three days from now he’ll forget about the whole thing, because: dementia.

So tragically predictable.


Apathy always is.


Fake News.

Most minutes in 60 minutes history.


Didn’t even know about it until now.


I had the feeling this was dawning when I recently saw clips of one of his mob rallies.
His shtick sounded so used up and tired. Even newer ‘bits’ sounded more hollow, meaningless, half-baked, and petty than before.

I thought I could sense it in the crowd, too. Sure, they still cheered -everyone gets all fired up at these things, I’m sure- but there were these moments in between where attendees seemed to briefly see the true face, silently asking themselves, ‘This is a total shitshow right here, isn’t it?’

I would link to the clip, but alas, no youtube.


Confirmed: Largest ratings for any interview in TV history!


Why would I invite that human sewage into my home?


Must be viewer fraud.


Trump will claim that it was a huge ratings hit, and then Trump will claim that Neilsen always was out to get him … even before he was on TV.


Also the minor detail that 60 Minutes airs when most people are trying to eat their dinner, thank you very much!