Trump's pick for federal wage watchdog stiffed her house-cleaners


Oh great, Roko’s Basilisk for the Trump era.


*whine* But it’s not as fun as gloating.


I’ve never been sued by anyone for not paying them after they render services for me. I expect people who are actually well off can afford to have someone pay their bills for them in a timely fashion.


Not having access to Bizarro World, Trump is doing the best he can.

Me am liking this very much!

  • I have been sued for not paying someone who provided me a good or service in my personal life.
  • I have not been sued for not paying someone who provided me a good or service in my personal life.

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You must have missed today’s headline. Trump said the last 5 months were the most productive in the history of any president.


Trumpism is a special, extreme case, though. The nature of the Trump administration, with its extreme dysfunction, scandal and political taint (anyone working in this admin is going to have a cloud over them the rest of their career) means it has a self-filtering effect. No sane, competent person* would willingly work there.
*Or to lower the bar, even someone considered sane and competent by Republican standards.


I’m not convinced he’ll even run again. I mean, he never really wanted to actually do this job, he hates it now that he has it, and he’s barely started, and another election means the possibility of a humiliating defeat. On the other hand, he could refuse to run for a second term and avoid actively losing, while blaming the Democrats and the media for making his life intolerable, allowing his supporters to be furious about him being pressured out of office indefinitely. I wouldn’t be surprised if he thinks he can just pocket the re-election campaign funds he’s raised so far either.


Word, and I genuinely hope the constant stress grinds him down to a fine orange dust…


Unfortunately, during the resulting psychotic break, he may fire a nuclear missile at Mika Brzezinski.


I’m forever hopeful they gave him fake launch codes…


Shortly after the election I had a dream where Trump was trying to nuke California. Congress was trying to impeach him, the secretary of defense was telling the military to disobey the president’s orders, Trump was trying to get the military to arrest the secretary of defense and the senate and house leaders, and the whole world was basically watching and hold it’s breath. I still remember it like it really happened, and don’t look forward to a replay.

I read somewhere recently (probably on here) that in the late days of the Nixon administration when he was drinking very heavily certain key people were told to (illegally) not fire nukes on the order of the president unless Kissinger gave them the go ahead. So there is some hope.

ETA: Though in real life the tracker on CNN would just say: President’s choice to nuke California raises concerns with some Republicans in Congress.

The viability of 'Calexit'

But she has a flag on her lapel




The real question here is, which one will end first: Trump’s tenure, or the USA?


If he makes it though four years, he’ll look older than Jimmy Carter does now.


And Jimmy Carter was (at 92, in remission from brain cancer) just in Canada, working on a Habitat for Humanity house, got sent to the hospital for dehydration, and then he went back.


He could be telling the truth. We don’t know the situation with his secret bank accounts.

Or did you think he meant it was productive for anyone else but himself?

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