Two opposing political candidates came together for a refreshing joint ad about civility

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No good deed should go uncriticized.


in an election season, especially this one, 30 seconds of unity and civility between parties is good enough for me. it is apparently all we are going to get.


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I’m all for civility but I don’t take a lot of comfort in the calls for it when we all know that the incivility – and in fact the systematic dismantling of function in the country’s body politic – has been coming almost exclusively from one side of the aisle. It’s a desperate, too-little-too-late extinction burst from the few people who are only now realizing that the party is in too deep.

But I guess it’s a damn sight better than what passes for business as usual recently.


Agreed. Pelosi is terrible, isn’t she?

Utah has a large enough “Never Trump” vote for it to matter to Republicans there. Evan McMullin took 21% of the vote in Utah in the 2016 presidential election.

This time it looks like McMullin is supporting Biden

When you were at school were you ever been beaten up by a bully when you were minding your own business, then had a teacher come along and punish both you and the bully for fighting? Trump is the bully and Pelosi is the teacher.

But this isn’t about her.


If you’re interpreting calls for civility as being equivalent to / proximate to calls for voting for Biden, maybe I’ll agree with you. In general, though, I think all the Republicans who are suddenly finding a newfound respect for civility (I’m looking at you, Mitt) are coming to the realization that the GOP brand is about to be box office poison and are trying to get ahead of it.


The sad thing of course is that they have to explicitly state something that we just took for granted up to know–there’d be an election, votes would be counted, results announced, and life would just go on. At worst, there’d be some legal contesting, but eventually the dust would settle. There’s no fighting in the streets, no loser getting frog-marched out of the office under guard.


Unfortunately, that’s not all of them, nor nearly enough of them. The right wing has taken over the party at this point… it may be too late for them to pivot.



So, they suddenly want everyone else to be politically correct?


Oh yeah, definitely not enough of them. I meant specifically the (small) subset of Republicans who are now suddenly clamoring for civility when they see the party’s bleak future. And agreed – way too late.


I do wonder if we’ll end up with a new party system after this. I really can’t see how the GOP can survive this intact, unless we really do become a one party state, authoritarian kind of thing.


Yeah, the thing about extinction bursts is that sometimes they work.


Republicans wouldn’t know civility if it bit them.

Politeness is not civility. Civility would include not killing people, not throwing people in cages and not trying to remove healthcare in a pandemic. Why the everloving F* should I be polite to someone like that?


Well that was a refreshing ad. And also sad that they felt the need to make such a PSA.

In other ad news, all those people making memes with Sam Elliot are going to be horribly disappointed. Horribly. Disappointed.


If they lose, I could see this splitting them entirely. The Romney/ Lincoln project wing will want to purge the party of trumpism, and vice versa. We could end up with splits over the blame and what direction to move in next, with control of the party and who gets the “republican” label in the balance. An actual split is not impossible, but the US electoral system will hugely punish any breakaway group.

The problem is what 2016 showed us- the tea party and trump supporters are the republican base now.


The bar is set so low that ants don’t have to stretch to reach it!


I have no problem embracing the notion of civility on display here once the ratfuckery of the last four years has been undone. Once we add two (better yet, four) justices to the Supreme Court, once DC and PR statehood is in process, once voter suppression tactics have been undone, once the leaders who enabled Trump have paid a political price, I hope Democrats in Congress set up a nice weekly cocktail hour with their Republican colleagues across the aisle and all sit around telling funny stories about their softball league. Not a goddamn minute sooner, though.


Ya know, it’s funny, because I think my critical mind came out mainly because I was nervous of being criticized myself for being too naive and appreciating this without critical engagement. Such is the ouroboros of my mind.