U.S. intelligence officials say Putin was personally involved in U.S. election hack

That is the problem with Pence. Fascist theocracy is his goal. Our modern day religious right only seems to worship money and power and uses selective Bible quotes to back up their policies.


Right (and far-rightwing).

I can’t say I haven’t been having different nightmares lately.


Most (all but 1) of the Hamilton Electors are Dems, so they won’t be swaying anything. But suspect they are going to vote for Kasich, which would get him into the top 3 if some GOP electors do likewise. If they are even allowed to vote with their consciences, that is:

I don’t like the EC at all, but if they can’t actually exercise their vote, the whole thing is a total sham and should just be eradicated.


I hear he hates you for your freedoms.

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SMH, you’re trolling right?

There’s no need to eradicate it! Just do an end-run around it with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact!

Boy, does that ever need a better name. The Pact? Yeah, I BACK THE PACT!


The Intelligence Community (IC) is refusing to provide the House Intelligence Committee with a requested Thursday briefing on Russian interference with the U.S. election, citing an ongoing review of the matter requested by President Obama.


People - who cares? It is obvious that NO ONE was paying any attention to news - real, fake, leaked or hacked. Otherwise there would not have been such shock over the results. It’s time to just take a deep breath, sit back, and let the man do what he’s going to do. All this outrage and screaming at one another is not going to take him out of the White House. Turn to something more productive.


Now that would be awesome!

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Well, this could be interesting.


And if you believe that, I’ve got a Hillary 2020 campaign to sell you…


I wonder if they’ll go further than simply removing the w’s from all the keyboards?

I follow you.

[quote] It also appears likely that he stole the election.
I don’t follow you.


Russia Today says that the leaks from the DNC came from a ‘disgusted insider’

Editorial balance and all that…

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Yup, half a billion dollars is an excellent reason to hack an election. It’s the only really compelling argument IMO.

Let’s be honest, if it goes to the House, they’ll just confirm Trump/

How the fuck did I not know there was a movie of The Handmaid’s Tale?


If the EC went rogue, it could fall out in a few different ways.

There’s the most straightforward possibility of the EC just picking Clinton and Kaine instead - that would require some Trump electors to go faithless for her specifically, though.

If they just pick randos or don’t vote, the House would get to vote, but not for anyone - they’d have to pick between Clinton, Trump, and…Gary Johnson, I think? And the Senate would get to pick the VP (either Pence or Kaine).

So we could conceivably have a Clinton/Pence white house or some other such fuckery.

But we won’t have Pence as Prez…for that particular trick to work, Trump would need to get sworn in, and then kicked out. Which is arguably more likely than a faithless EC.

And, the House is filled with human cockroaches who crawled out of Strom Thurmond’s rotting corpse slick with the pungent morgue-fluids of unreconstructed white nationalism, so if it does go to the house, we probably still have President Trump.