Undocumented Americans


Hell, people who’ve taken a piss outside have been classified as “sex offenders.”


This is how it starts. Think why this office is being expanded while others are being dismantled.

First they go after people who lied. Then the mistakes. The bit at the bottom? About Hispanics having multiple surnames? That will be the pretext. The crimes that have denturalisation as an option will expand. Oh, there were problems with your great-grandfather’s naturalisation? I guess you never really were a citizen. Boom. Constitutional rights gone. Welcome to the camps.

The window of opportunity to stop the horror from getting worse is narrow and closing fast.


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Keep in mind that this is the facility that journalists were invited into. Fresh paint, Potemkin.



The more I think of this the more I wonder what the motivation is for this “tough” immigration stance. The economy is doing well, unemployment is down, and the vast majority of these immigrants - legal or not - are contributing to society.

Oh, yeah, it’s because racism.


Firing up the fascist base; they need a scapegoat.

And, possibly, forced labour and the private prison industy. Trump has connections to prison owners, and cotton doesn’t pick itself.


It’s not important to think about fresh paint, they showed the living quarters of 4 people without the people inside, and only showed areas you expect over-crowding (like a cafeteria) full of people. There’s a reason people buy homes without furniture or people inside when touring.

You don’t need to try hard to get people to look at the conditions and say “that’s not so bad.”





A thread full of context. With receipts.



A good thread on the theory and practice of immigration policy.




How could the driver not see the guy he hit?


Why do you assume he didn’t? They would have heard the thump of the impact, as well.

Keep in mind that Native Americans are the only ethnic group that US police murder at an even higher rate than Black Americans.


The answer is in the question.



Maine. This ain’t just a Mexico border thing.


Sickening. And who’s the party in power right now?