Undocumented Americans





What could possibly go wrong?


Note the timeline. This isn’t a thing that began with Trump, it’s been going on ever since America first began to lock people up. This is what happens when you imprison people.

ICE is a structurally fascist agency. When the PATRIOT Act was first passed (with overwhelming liberal support), the left described it as a fascist timebomb.

They were right.

ICE is brutal and racist, and will remain so under a Democratic administration. It will vigorously resist any attempt at reform. ICE must be abolished.


Yet another history/context thread.



From the leader of the Greens in the Australian Senate.





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Zephyr gets it.



No documents? Great! Let me take care of that for you!



Remember how some folks were lauding HSI as the “good” ICE agents a short time ago, after they requested to be split off into a separate agency?


This will continue to get worse until it is made to stop. You all know where this is headed.



Oh, shit.

This is bad. One of the few avenues these folks had, and it’s being taken away from them, quietly, so no one notices. Also, think of what subset of soldiers might be prone to have some sympathy to immigrants being kept in camps, guarded by the military. Who might resist efforts at dehumanisation.


Also bad:



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