Undocumented Americans


This strikes me as an attempt to not only make immigrants feel unwelcome, but to generally delegitimize them as part of American life.


but no access to their original birth documents, if such documents even exist.

My vital records are in a country currently racked by civil war. Here’s the real fun part: No one in my family is from there. At all. Zero ties. My dad just so happened to be working there (and so my mom was with him) when I was born.

Birth certificates are not reliably obtainable documents, at least for as long as people would hope they could be.


Dehumanising the “other” is every bit as much a standard part of the republican playbook as voter suppression. Especially considering their obsession with marriage, their refusal to allow it in a select, disfavored group is partcularly despicable. Have to wonder if this is something they imported from the repression of the Rohinga or something they came up with all by themselves? Racists seem to read from the same gospels way too often.




What I never got about the migrant caravan is that it is just a repeat of 2014’s migrant caravan whose investigation after the election. Hell Obama’s bipartisan response is the ammo used to protect Trump’s family separations.



Both sides have a point… both sides… /s


Il Douche said throwing rocks would be viewed as the same as rifle fire. I think we are supposed to appreciate the “less than lethal” response to this “threat” to our troops. And yes, I throw up a little as I type that.


One of many who died at the hands of ICE.


That’s fucking horrific.


Next they came for…



Holy fucking shit!!! No way can this stand!!!





A shameful day for all Americans. All of us.

This photo of a beautiful young life wasted should have a permanent place on the Resolute desk in the Oval Office as a reminder to future occupants about the cost of giving right-wing populists a hearing (the current occupant is a lost cause, of course).


As with so much else, the murderousness of US immigration policy is older and deeper than just the present administration.

Story from 2014.

Trump is, of course, making it worse. But it was already completely indefensible.



The most infuriating thing to me is the realization that many of the people trying to cross the border are of Native American descent. It is incredible that descendants of white Europeans get to decide which arbitrary lines in the map people of indigenous ancestry can or cannot cross in their own continent.