USA - You are under attack

I had wanted to check myself and hope that the flow I’m seeing didn’t mean what it seemed to, but Trump just crossed a major line.

Instantly reminded me of this quote: “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?

In the wake of yesterday’s presumed attempted bombings, this is a clear warning bell that he is attempting to draw on the poisonous well he and the GOP have created over the last 30 years, to provoke his not-yet-named brownshirts into action.

In the run-up to the mid-terms, he is sensing the shift in weight to a possible Dem win. So he needs to create distraction / terror, to slience the media, and start implementing the tyrant’s protocol in full view.

His tweet above is a call to murder in all but name. He’d benefit from a Charlie Hebdo attack. This is nightmarishly similar to Hitler’s rise, and it needs badly to be checked.

He is dividing the country and trying to ignite the flame that will set the two sides at eachother’s throat.

If he is not stopped in the mid-terms, I predict you willneed to resort to undemocratic methods to get rid of the poison.

It’s Twitter. Turn the fucker off. People may tweet and sound off, but they’re primed for permission to act.

It’s gotten way beyond rational. It’s emotional now. And the mid-terms are the defining moment.


Trump is literally victim-blaming CNN for being sent bombs. This shouldn’t be allowed by anybody on social media, much less the president.


He’s crossed so many of them I have lost track. This won’t make a bit of difference. The Republicans will eat that shit raw and clamor for more. The Democrats will stumble around unable to act effectively since they are playing tiddlywinks while the GOP is stabbing them with big curved knives.


That’s exactly what’s going on.

Reports coming of voting machines changing votes from Dem to Rep.

The thing to remember is, it may look irrational and stupid to repeat Nazi Germany, but power is seductive and intoxicating.

I watched a video of an African American lady vehemently campaigning for the GOP yesterday. I was flabbergasted. But there’s a logic. 1) Power, 2) there will be racist attacks, but I can create a fortress and cash pile for my eventual flight.


PS this is what he’s counting on. Exhaustion. He will present himself as the saviour.


You imply that if he is stopped at the midterms he will somehow retreat. He literally cannot retreat at this point, he has crossed far too mny lines. If the dems take the midterms, I look for elections to be invalidated, candidates charged and/or arrested, effectively martial law and the possible end of this American experiment in democracy. I hope that is just the rising panic in me, but it looks more and more .like a viable possiblility.


I agree. There can be no doubt now that he’s a tyrant in waiting.

But he cannot yet invalidate the mid-terms. The democratic machine is still strong enough.

The brownshirts are waiting though. They are literally hungry for further permissions to bomb etc.


I hope you are right, my own faith in the resiliency of our democratic institutions is pretty weak at this point. He has managed to subsume the courts and put his commisars in charge at at the DOJ. I am praying for our country, but we are the living breathing example of the frog in the pot.


Yes, you are the frog in the pot. It’s very worrying.

What police / para / military forces can Trump marshal in the near future? Do we have a feel for the political leanings of these forces? If he calls, will they obey? This is surely something he’s been working on in the background.

He’s a narcisstic psychopath who found the Tyrant’s Reference Guide.

The reason I’m driving this thread is: by his flooding of the media zone with shit (his own stated tactic), and surprising everyone all the time, he’s one step ahead all the time.

He is very, very good at this. Not a question of under-estimating risk. He is a master.

As soon as people have digested the bomb comments and lack of White House response I rather suspect something may be on fire, and he’ll surprise again.

He knows exactly how to play this.

We now clearly see the gameplan, and horribly it fits all the narrative of the last 2 years.


And now I need to go play in my garden for a while, while the nausea wears off. God help us, because we seem unable to help ourselves. His brownshirts are sharpening their knives and making their lists. I suspect quite a few of us on here are probably on one or more of those lists. Yeah it is very personal here.

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I testify that too many American users of this BBS posting on the political threads do not understand this. As long as they see only women left unprotected by the dissolution of the Violence Against Women Act, only asylum-seeking migrants detained, only transgendered people banned from military service, immigrants who’ve served in the military deported, travel bans pertaining to the Muslim countries where Dotard’s brand name does not appear on hotels, and only permanent residents disenfranchised from WH executive legislation, it doesn’t matter as it doesn’t affect them.

Users/posters who ARE affected are told by other posters they are falling for the same lies over and over again (Show me the pre-2017 house acts and WH legislation), and that they have a difference in ideology. “Oh, your place of worship was burned down? You can’t become a citizen because your citizen child used public insurance benefits and your husband used unemployment benefits? That’s merely an ideological difference.”

There are, but as long as the users affected are permanent residents, LGBT, people of colour and women, I don’t expect the majority of non-voting Americans to atone for their November 2016 apathy this time around by taking political action. Yet I’m posting on the limited chance a user or two recently attained the age of majority and needs a reminder of why voting matters, or a reaffirmation of the power a citizen has to hire and fire legislative representatives every November.

– All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

– The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

– Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.


Yup. Perfect conditions.

An analyst on NPR had a good point today: that while we’re arguing whether these bombings credibly took inspiration from the President’s past remarks, the fact that it’s even a solidly debatable topic that the President has inspired domestic terrorism means things are seriously fucked up.


With a little editing it suddenly looks hellishly more ominous as a headline.

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Largely preaching to the choir, i hope, but its a sermon that needs to be preached. So… Preach on rev!


I think it does.

I believe people, phased in the floodlights of the disgusting GOP movement of the last 30 years, are so distracted and diffused that they don’t see the challenge to their own liberty. They don’t even value it.

She carries a fucking torch. Sheds light on the crap kind of thing. Refers to text.

I totally, utterly buy it now. Trump is out for everything he can get. And he wants to hand it to his idiot family.


Yes. Most Americans believe that the threats to freedom and liberty are made by meatpuppets on domestic turf only, and that their guns will save them. However, the attacks don’t need to be on domestic turf now, and the firing range of their AR-15s and semi-automatic rifles is far from adequate to meet the tyranny the US citizens now face. The weaponized anger and despair from the citizens IS a threat to personal freedom and liberty to the other citizens.

I would guess that you are not an American citizen nor resident given the thread title. So I won’t ask these questions of you directly. I have asked questions about the voting stimuli for white Americans on another thread, an American woman of colour responded. You understand my words; the sole respondent understood my words; therefore, I am writing at a broadly accessible reading level of English, not in any racist dogwhistle secret code.

How would a US citizen explain to an immigrant how it was evident to most people outside the US that one candidate was clearly unfit for the role, had no public service, yet close to 102 million adult US citizens with televisions, radios, smartphones, computers did not think they needed to cast votes to keep him out of the White House?

How would an American explain to a Canadian, whose country has a population just smaller by two million than California State’s and has about 338 federal electoral districts, that California gets two senators, the same as Wyoming’s, and 55 electoral votes, just 6x that of Alabama, yet California has 8x Alabama’s population?

How do Americans explain to a feminist that a physically unfit, demented, misogynist, racist old man with no public service is preferred by the electoral voters to a woman who’s sane, competent, in Senate and Secretary of State roles, and that most white women went for the idiot rather than one of their own?

Why is it not all American women are outraged by how many strings are pulled to make sure an alcoholic misogynist with rage issues sits on the Supreme Court?

How do Americans imagine that under a Clinton Administration ICE would be working to deport legal residents, residents who served in the US military, and unescorted asylum seekers under the age of 5?

How do Americans even entertain voting Republican in 2018? How can the approval rate for someone so odious, and obviously manipulated by foreign state leaders be so high?

How would an American explain to a woman who drove 370 km round-trip to participate in her 2015 federal election that Americans like to talk about (or be told about) Democracy but, when put to the test, usually find voting an ‘inconvenience’ in the "land of the free, home of the brave?

How do Americans not see how compromised many of their legislative representatives are? (Yes, I do believe some Dems are compromised, but the ratio of D:R is about 6:94 in my estimation.)

Does anyone know absolutely the electoral voters were not coerced or bribed in the November 2016 election?

I asked two American female citizens, one Eurasian so effectively a person of colour, and they have not responded. I HAVE seen on other political threads answers to SOME of these paraphrased questions: lack of critical thinking, gerrymandering, distraction, reliance on solely American corporate news media and entertainment channels MASQUERADING as news channels but licensed only for entertainment, fear of being outnumbered.


Recycling some old posts…


  1. At what point, if any, would you accept that the US voting systems are sufficiently corrupt for electoralism to no longer be a viable response?

  2. What would you do if you reach that point?

  3. If a non-electoral response is required, is it better to pursue that option as early as possible, or instead wait for the last minute? Does the difficulty of that response increase over time?



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