Using leftover pizza to make french toast


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Tomato, oregano, and maple? Yuk.


Scrammy Eggs & Pizza? Twas a staple of my younger years.


It’s like goatse, now I can’t un-see it.


I get why one would think this is a good idea. French toast is normally best with stale/leftover bread…so stale or leftover pizza crust makes sense. Also, the toppings found on pizza are similar if not identical to those found in many an omelette.

But no. just no. Cold pizza for breakfast is perfectly fine. Save french toast making for a nice stale sourdough or baguette.


… No …


Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.



Hmmm. How about french toasting burritos?

Someone tell John Scalzi ASAP!


So get this:

French toast, but the bread is a pancake.


An abomination. Similar to, albeit not nearly as bad as, the recent Hallmark channel recipe for “tiramisu” using non-dairy creamer and bagels. ( ) I mean, for the love of all that’s holy - whyyyyyyy?

French toast, but the bread is already French toast.


What is this “leftover pizza” you speak of?



French-toasting cold pizza…

Gilding the lily much :grey_question:


no one said anything about maple.


Or painting refined gold.


Ok Maybe
But here’s what you actually do with leftover pizza. Cut it into squares, pan fry til they’re crispy, and use 'em as pizza croutons on tomato soup. You know, as you nurse your hangover.



These people are talking crazy.


That made my physically recoil.

I get the feeling that, were he real, Dr. Lecter would find the person that created that “recipe” and do…things to them.


That beats my over easy egg with salumi.