Utah cop shot handcuffed man in police station, his third killing: "You're about to die, friend!"

The police as a national institution aren’t worth saving with piddly half measure reforms.

The only way we’ll get just policing is throwing out the whole system and making a better setup that isn’t based on runaway slave possies and pinkerton murderers.


Per-capita numbers get jumpy with small populations.


Institutional narcissism. “We are better than the civilian scum”.


This is inexcusable. I watched the video. What struck me the most (yes, even more than the cold-blooded murder at the end) was how none of the officers at any point offered any scintilla of empathy to the guy, who they knew was suicidal. Any of them, at any point, could’ve sat across from him and offered some kind of, I don’t know, perspective or comfort or, “someone called us because they care about you and they were worried.” But no, none of that.
Rotten barrel, through and through.
And to echo what others have already posted, why the fuck are cops walking around the basement of the station with loaded weapons?


Minor nitpick, Malta & Luxembourg are EU countries as well. France likely has the highest rate of EU countries above size X where single incidents will have outsized effects.


Not surprising and a really common statistical effect.Rare events show up strong in small population centers. It’s the same reason the highest homicide rates in most large country are actually some tiny little town. If you have a murder in a town of 100 people your rate per 100,000 looks really bad.

Easy enough https://www.kansascity.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/melinda-henneberger/article250297794.html

I don’t think that is a fair assumption at this point. If this was a new problem and we didn’t have decades of them defending every abuse as well as tapes of training talking about how great the sex is after killing someone, maybe I could extend that benefit of the doubt. As it stands it is like joining any other street gang and acting surprised when someone gets hurt.

Military style training would actually involve more steps and controls between getting upset and killing someone.


So they can murder people real quick while they’re still angry.


ACAB: add Broken to that and you’ve got deadly consequences.


Sgt. Tyler Longman is a serial murderer. He deserves the death penalty along with any of his accomplices that support him.


No doubt. 100% agree.

This just gets us more dead people.


Killing serial murderers reduces the overall count of dead people.

If batman nutted up and killed the joker the 2nd or 3rd time he escaped, there’d be a lot more alive innocent bystanders in gotham.

But I also agree, the state probably shouldn’t be executing people.

The community should. It’s more personal that way.


But then, what would Batman do with the rest of his life? Spend his fortune to combat poverty, treat mental illness and increase educational and career opportunities for marginalized communities in Gotham?


Well last time I checked I don’t live in the Batman universe. But I haven’t checked recently.

Long term imprisonment in a supermanx would remove the offender’s danger to society also. That would be a good start.

(Gonna leave the supermanx typo there because a giant cat with no tail acting as a prison could be quite a deterrent).


Just a statistical illustration.

In anycase, I figure as long as the state is insisting on executing people (I don’t agree with executions in principle anyway), then murders who were cops definitely should be at the top of the list.

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So this was the good cop, cozying up with his new friend.

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No reform of the police is needed, citizen! Remember, this is a Just World™!

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The dog thing is important.

Some people try to defend American police by saying that more people have guns in the US, so American police have more reason to fear that a suspect might be armed. But even in Texas, the dogs don’t tend to carry guns- American dogs are no more dangerous than those anywhere else. The difference is the culture within the police forces.

(I have heard that German police do shoot a reasonable number of animals- for instance, the widely-quoted statistic that German police only fired 85 shots at people in a year also says that in the same year they fired almost 9000 at animals. However, this seems to mostly be euthanising animals that were hit by cars.)


This seems like an exceptionally dangerous way to euthanize an animal, if it’s in a street or near a crowd. Bullets pass through, and can ricochet. I get that people want to end the suffering quickly; especially so if the animal is suffering noisily. But, still . . .

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My guess is that depends on the caliber of the gun, if a german officer has a low caliber gun it’d be safer and if fired at an angle away from buildings, cars and people even if it does ricochet it should be fine. That said perhaps they should keep an airgun meant for euthanizing animals (like in No Country For Old Men)

If this kid did manage to get hold of the gun, the only person he was going to shoot was himself.