Utah's Jason Chaffetz meets the Resistance: protesters chant "DO YOUR JOB" at his town hall


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Call/write your representatives and hold them to their station to help their constituents or get elected out. If they’re republicans they will have zero incentive for rocking the boat and going against Trump.


holy smokes the mormon state has come out shining in the last year from resisting trump votes [one of the largest independents votes in US history] to events like this.



Please don’t expect this toady to do anything that resembles the right thing.



Yeah he’s a coward of the lowest order. He should talk to Turtle McConnell on how to flip flop and still look good to the base.


Well it’s particularly an issue with Chaffetz, Trey Gowdy’s heir as Mister Benghazi. Some would say that while Benghazi was a tragedy, the subversion of democracy itself is an even bigger issue.



His name always makes me think of something else…


I’ve taken to calling the GOP establishment in Congress a collection of cowards and opportunists. Now we know exactly how to label Chaffetz.


Not necessarily.



Is the recipient of the chafing a Chafee?


Nice job, Utah! Keep it up and TOSS HIM OUT.


But how many of these people are his constituents? Utah’s 3rd congressional district voted overwhelmingly for Trump. It doesn’t include more liberal Salt Lake City, where there was less support for Trump and more support for Clinton and Evan McMullin. It’s nice to see protests like this, but unless they’re people in a position to vote for (or against) Chaffetz, he can walk out of these events safe in the knowledge that he’s not going anywhere in 2018.


I think I saw something yesterday that said he wasn’t going to do town halls outside Provo any more.


But if that’s the kind of reception that Republican congressmen are getting in solidly red districts, the ones with more moderate constituencies have got to be feeling uneasy right now.


True. Although I have to wonder, in light of gerrymandering in 2010, how many House districts are actually competitive. There’s some good news for Democrats on that front, but it all depends on who runs against the Republican incumbent next year (and how badly the next year goes).


There’s something like 24 districts that Clinton won that have Republican reps right now. That’s almost enough to flip the house.


I called up his office just the other day and called him exactly that. I know full well that the comment was deleted or otherwise ignored since I’m not a local constituent of his, but it was certainly cathartic. And quite frankly, when you’re the Chair of the godamn committee, you’re running it for the country as well as your local interests–and in that, I don’t see any problem calling any committee chair to have my voice heard.

That said, MY Representative, the good Elijah Cummings, is also on the Oversight committee, and I’ve asked him repeatedly to investigate trump on a variety of things, not least of which are his numerous conflicts of interest. He obviously dragged dipshit Chaffetz into writing the most recent letter against Conway’s shilling of Ivanka’s crap on TV.

Lastly, you’ll notice that of the “LATEST” items listed on the committee’s home page, the one item about trump involves protecting whistleblowers in the federal gov’t. And, of course, they’re linking an op-ed claiming that DC is “disregarding the sanctity of life” and that “Congress must act”. Wat? trump? Conflicts? Of interest? Never heard o’ that:


Hopefully the Utah R occupying the seat of my district (The Fightin’ 2nd!) is sufficiently scared.