Video: Lin Wood threatens SC GOP chairman, "I know about you and Lindsey Graham"

Oh, no. With extreme prejudice. And with a cactus.


I remember a time when threatening to out someone was considered homophobic here. I guess that is only true when the target is left-of-center, or at least politically ambiguous like Shep Smith. This is exactly the lefty hypocrisy that right-wing politicians like Graham weaponize to maintain power. See also how masks and social distancing are really important, unless you are protesting for a left-wing cause (covid apparently only spreads at right-wing protests), and how parler got shut down for the capital riot that was mainly planned on twitter and facebook.

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Yeah, no. Weaponising someone’s sexual orientation against them for any reason is fucking reprehensible, if that’s at all what’s being implied here. I’m not at all about “When they go low, we go high” bullshit, but there are countless things that Graham should go down for and his sexuality is not one of them. As @jojojo says, it may be that his sexuality is incidental to a nefarious accusation of some sort (which I’m not going to bother speculating on), in which case it’s a tricky issue and the substance of the accusation should be adhered to regardless of his orientation.

That being said, I’d love to see Lindsay frog-marched out of the Capitol in handcuffs and the abrupt change of allegiance his QOP colleagues will have.



“Chinese pornography”???

Is he angry because they pay their porn stars slave wages or something?

“Save American porn jobs! Look for the Made In The USA label!”

I think you mean “Laid in the USA”.


Drew McKissick seems to state that Lin Wood supports Chinese pornography

That would be embarrassing, Chinese Pornography is far and away Guns n Roses’ worst album.


You make an excellent point.




Did you actually read this thread?


Lindsey Graham maintains his power by getting himself outed by leftists?


Except everyone was wearing masks at those BLM protests.


Why does everyone keep assuming that Lin Wood meant, “I know you guys are gay for each other,” when he said, “I know about you and Lindsey Graham?” This is Lin Wood we’re talking about here. He probably meant, “I know that you and Lindsey Graham conspired to use Dominion voting machines to get him re-elected” or “I know that you and Lindsey Graham are actually Iranian/Chinese spies sent to make our Dear Leader look bad.”


I feel like that it’s less about gay and more about there is some other political dirt that Lin Wood thinks will matter, and Drew cryptically is throwing back something about the Chinese and Lin Wood, and I don’t this it’s porn - but dang pass some of the popcorn.

I want to support Drew staying in the race so that whatever Lin has on him and Lindsey it’ll be released.

Cue GOP implosion…please please please

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Monkey see.
Monkey do.
Monkey flings
Monkey poo.

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