Video of manatee with TRUMP scratched in its back, federal officials want answers

That’s EXACTLY what I’m thinking about! There must be at least one?

Edit: Here it is, only moments later!


Damn, man, put some spoiler tags around that! :nauseated_face:


You and me both… :disappointed:


That guy is amazing! I’d never heard of him. The pics of him tending to baby manatees was just what I needed after this horrid story. Thanks,


Anyone who deliberately causes violence on LITERALLY* the most docile animal species on our planet deserves to be SERIOUSLY dealt with.

* I don’t know if they actually are in reality, but they sure have that social media presence


What’s really scary is that this horrific act suggests that there a trump supporter out there who knows how to swim!

when I was looking to relocate to Belize some years ago, I came across his work. he is a very passionate advocate for these innocuous, perfectly gentle creatures.
he works with sanctuaries here in Florida-da and is indeed, amazing
if you’ve ever encountered a manatee in the water, you know how gentle and beautiful they are.


By far the gentlest VW Beetle I’ve ever been in the water with. :flushed:


thing is, you cannot initiate contact with the manatee. if one wants a tummy rub or a whisker scritch on your anchor rope or fins, camera mount, mask edge… interaction is on their terms!
and don’t ever give them your bottled water, or even the fresh water you wash your boat with, clean your catch on the dock with… against the FWC (and possibly the Marine Mammal Protection Act) to offer, entice, or supply fresh water to manatee. this encourages them to become reliant on artificial sources for their water.
ETA: I had manatee visit my dock while cleaning fish.
it is really hard to deny them…
they are so gentle and sweet…


That I knew. Even though I was a tourist, I had to lecture some locals about that when they were attracting a pair of manatees in a canal with the fresh water hose. That’s a no-no.

ETA: My in-water encounter was when I was fishing along the edge of one of those deep spots in the flats that Flagler’s crew dug travertine out of to make the railroad. I was casting flies for whatever would take, and one rose up out of the deep water practically at my right hip. After changing my shorts, I was happy to have been introduced to the incredible creature.


Weirdly, that looks more like Alec Baldwin impersonating Trump, than Trump himself. To the point where I’m wondering if that’s actually what the tattoo is…

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Fucking humans.


Hope it was on Reddit and is doxxable.

Well, there went breakfast.

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