Video toilet displays ads while men pee

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Just so long as it’s not while men are pooping.

There’s very few places left to go for some privacy!


As with every such device finding the mute button is key.

Gas pumps, Poo Pourri kiosks, and taxi card swipe devices are the worst.

Now toilets. Ugggh.


Such as a contest to see if you can pee high enough to hit the screen?


Not to be a party pooper, but bars and restaurants have been putting screens in front of men while they pee for years now. Does the fact that the screen is integrated in to the toilet really change anything?


Better yet: hack the system to challenge the user to hit the target!


While pooping it’s quiet whispers from behind.
“You know what would be great after this? Ben and Jerry’s™.”


No problem for this kid …


Imagine: you RSVP on Facebook for a public event, perhaps some networking event for ferret fanciers. It’s at a bar, and you inevitably end up needing to pee after a few pints (and a few rounds of Mustelidae trivia). So you head to then bathroom, go to the urinal, unzip, and wham! you get served an ad for ferret pellets (or whatever they eat). Welcome to the future!


Is nothing sacred?!



Not really a new thing, though not terribly common. I’ve been to a few places that had TVs above the urinals. Personally i don’t care, if advertisers are stupid enough to think i’m paying attention then go ahead and give the establishment your money. I’m just there to pee and get out.

Now if they put TVs in the stall while you’re doing #2

This is when we have “time on our hands”.
To be honest, many guys get more than just time on their hands...
Not to be a party pooper, but bars and restaurants have been putting screens in front of men while they pee for years now.
There's a restaurant I liked that put the day's comics and sports pages above the urinals.
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This is my favorite form in in-bathroom entertainment:


Vandalism of these will not go amiss. I’m about to start carrying an ice pick to put through the screen/speaker of gas pumps that I can’t mute.


… is this real? This doesn’t feel real. Have I finally lost touch with reality? Sweet! I’ve been looking forward to this day!

I hope it’s a touch screen, because there’s no way that can go wrong.

Maybe some clever guy will hack the feed, since it relies on the IOT, and start streaming (hah, “streaming”) porn to the screens, making a real mess of things.

So the chemicals in the trap are lighter than urine… but are they lighter than the other cleaning chemicals that you’ll be using? And if they are somehow lost, can they be replaced?

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They had something like that a few years ago at my local watering hole - triggered by a motion sensor. Lasted barely one night. Took them almost a month to remove it. During those few weeks we all chuckled everytime we stood in front of that dead, dark, shattered screen - the glass beneath the plexi showing the very apparent pattern of the business end of a clenched fist.


Can’t wait for someone to hack these and get them playing more interesting fare.


As if men’s public restrooms weren’t filthy enough already!

And it’s a waterless urinal to boot. I hate those; they stink. If they develop a waterless toilet, I swear I’ll do it on the floor.

See, that I can go along with. I’ve been to a few bars that do that, and I actually appreciate it. It’s something vaguely interesting to look at, that doesn’t demand or require much attention. In a similar sense, I’ve been told that the loos at the MCG was designed in such a way that windows above the urinals look out over the playing field.

But this, FTFA

Every gentleman knows that a toilet break is a moment of relaxation. … We seize that perfect moment with our unique Mr.Friendly urinal

Those fuckers can fuck right off. They deserve that icepick @Enochrewt is carrying, right through their fucking eyeball.

Edit to ad: this isn’t a rant about someone invading some mythical, inviolable “manspace”. It’s about immoral fuckers subjecting us to more and more and fucking more advertising every waking moment, in every conceivable context.

Build something useful, you arseholes. Use that education and creativity to make the world a better place.