Virginia gentleman doesn't need to know what Critical Race Theory is, he knows he is voting against it

“They oughta stop trying to teach things to our kids in our public schools!”


No, the type of race they’re talking about here is in programming where two or more operations are being done at the same time and use the same data or resources, but must be done in a specific order to be done correctly or to avoid errors or outright crashes. In the case of an outright crash, that’s a ‘critical’ race, where as a ‘noncritical’ race still results in the correct desired outcome.


I know it when I Fox TV it.


I think CRT is badly named. From the name you can’t tell what it really is and if you’re a scared old white person it sounds ominous. Got to hand it to the GOP on that one, they manage to dumb down the most complicated theories into easily digested 3 word sound bites that their people can rally for or against.


These legal theories have been around since at least the 1970s… It doesn’t matter what you call it, literally ANY examination of racism, no matter what it was called, would have been used in this manner. That’s what they oppose - ending white supremacy.


Once again we’re the sheep for following health experts advice when it comes to the pandemic but those guys are not sheep because they did their own research to know why they don’t like something.

When ever I ask a question like that in our local Facebook group they answer with “do your own research”. Then when I tell them I did but I can’t find what they are talking about they tell me to stop using Google and use duckduckgo because that search site is the approved way to get the information Google and Soros is hiding from me.

Funny and sad.


he was the one who raised it as the most important issue! first mistake. second mistake was not realizing that when someone puts a microphone in your face it would be a good idea to only give an opinion about things you understand. it’s possible he could have picked an issue he had a better handle on to mention. perhaps giving the gentleman too much credit here.


In the UK the most frequent google search the day after the brexit vote was “what is brexit?”.


So this race is very critical


He knows very well what he doesn’t like, but doesn’t want to say it. He’s against any insinuation that racism exists and that it is bad.


Yeah. That one took me a couple clock cycles to figure out. Clearly, I choose the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

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My home state.

Hey, at least it’s not Florida or Texas!

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Yes. Yes it is.

If trumkin youngkin wins trump wins.

“…anything less than a clear victory for McAuliffe would posit that Democratic House seats in Virginia could be in grave danger next year if there is a similar turnout. Given House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s narrow majority, there would be panic among scores of Democrats about a possible GOP rout next year, which could possibly precipitate a wave of retirements from incumbents in threatened seats.”

“A close race or a small McAuliffe victory will also be closely watched for new signs that Trump and his acolytes will seek to fuel their lies about a broken election system and allege voter fraud. Such claims would further damage faith in US democracy – already gutted among Trump supporters. But it would fuel the ex-President’s personal political goals.”


Why I voted on my birthday. The idea of 4 years of Youngkin is as disheartening as the idea that 45 could come back and be 47.


But would he be agin uncritical race theory?

(I’m pretty sure he’d be against critical race facts.)


I remember last time, when it was McAuliffe vs Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli, in addition to being a Trumper, ran on making oral sex a felony. His running mate believed that yoga allows the literal devil to crawl up one’s literal butthole, and wrote a whole book saying as much. McAuliffe won that in a squeaker, so he’s not exactly the type of candidate the people of Virginia can get excited about.


Exactly. Losing independents this time around for that reason is going to hurt. And three big words to describe a controversial concept to the uneducated isn’t helping either.


It’s not the right wing libertarian independents or the squishy centrists we need to worry about. Maybe this CRT bullshit will sway a select few of the squishy centrists, but scratch a Libertarian and uncover the fascist underneath. It’s the left independents who are regretting their vote for Biden, and who aren’t particularly enthused about voting for McAuliffe, that i worry about.



Seriously, call me an elitist, but I don’t want the people thinking about and working on big ideas to have to stop and think about how their words will play to complete fucking racists morons 40 years later.