Virginia Governor Youngkin unapologetic for cyberbullying a teen on Twitter

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To quote the great Triumph the Insult comic dog, a walking wee-wee bag.


CRT was his golden ticket into Richmond. Expect him to milk opposition to it in any way shape or form for the duration of his term.

Asshole is simply gonna asshole and the 'muricans in Va. will applaud him.

eta: CRT wasn’t even being taught in Va. He won on fear and fear alone. The gQp has nothing else to offer.


What an awful man. But we already knew this. Shame on Virginians for voting for this guy.


The Virginians who voted for him were not going to vote any other way. I would split the blame for this travesty between those who did not vote at all and the Democratic party putting up Terry McCauliffe, about the least inspiring candidate you could possibly have, and him for running the most boring campaign in history. Youngkin at least knew his desired policies would bring out opposition, so ran a stealth campaign, not speaking to his actual positions. Sigh, we are fucked.


As a campaign tactic, shame has its limits.


Sigh, we are fucked.

Hoping he can’t do too much damage in four years. I’m getting ready to move back to Delaware, myself.


I’m sure that we’ll hear from Melania on cyberbullying any moment now…



christ, what an asshole


Honestly, it looks like Youngkin has some truly staggering rage issues. Normal people, even famous politicians, don’t have epic meltdowns in response to mild criticism. And he’s only just started in the job – nothing really bad has happened to him yet. As long as he doesn’t start killing people – always a possibility with Trumpers, honestly – I suspect there are people who going to have a lot of fun making Youngkin entertainingly lose his shit.


Saying this to all of us and myself, not just you.


Take care of each other.

Check in with your peeps.
Acts of kindness are needed now more than ever.

Celebrate every good decision, every positive outcome, every victory no matter how small.

Stay human.


I am getting mighty tired of this “only Democrats have agency in American politics“ narrative.

There is no reason to avoid pinning the blame for Republican politicians on the people who actually voted for them.


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The more of an anti-intellectual bully a GOP candidate is*, the more prone the Dem establishment seems to be putting forward yet another Clintonista Third Way technocrat who thinks it’s “my turn, my turn.”

[* and boy is the death-cult party adept at finding these jerks, supporting them, and giving them the talking points that will bring out the jerk demographic in sufficient numbers]

I don’t think @docosc is saying that. The Dem leadership has as much agency as the GOP does but (unless they allow progressives to contribute or luck into a candidate with superstar charisma) they choose not to use it effectively.

He made it clear that the arseholes who vote for the likes of Youngkin will do so regardless of who the Republicans put forward and made it clear that people who didn’t vote at all are a big part of the problem (I’d also add the GOP’s usual gaming of a broken system). To point out that the Dem leadership regularly runs entitled duds like McCauliffe is not denying the GOP (unfortunately) has the agency to foster and choose proud arseholes like Youngkin who appeal to their base.


In Virginia, the Democratic “base” is larger that the Republican “base”. What was needed was a way of communicating the fact that Glenn Youngkin was a fucking idiot, andf CRT paranoia was a transparent sham.

People believed that the CRT paranoics had a point, and he couldn’t be as bad as Trump. and as a result Virginia saddled itself with a dangerous idiot as governor.


He’s moved on to damage control.


“I put the blame for Youngkin on the Democrats and non-voters” is absolving Republicans of responsibility for their actions though. When a terrible person gets elected as a Democrat we put the blame on the party members who supported and voted for that person (as we should) and when that person fucks up we don’t point fingers at the Republicans and say “why didn’t you stop this from happening??”


An “unauthorized tweet” that they must have had ready for the next time Ethan Lynne hurt the Governor’s feelings.


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they keep getting the benefit of the doubt, despite the fact they’ve pretty much gone full on autocratic at this point. At this point, tons of experts who study autocracy, fascism, and authoritarianism (in history, poli-sci, philosophy, etc) are sound the alarm on what’s happening, and we still just keep blaming the democrats for it! I mean, WTF?