Warnock wins Georgia senate runoff

People who voted to differentiate themselves from an undesired other I guess?


People who are unaware of and don’t give a shit about issues? Also known as, 70% of the US electorate?


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People said the same about GA and then people put in the work (and continue to do so). the work is how change is made.

Because they’re misogynists and would never vote for a woman. :woman_shrugging:


Oh, absolutely. But given a choice between doing the organising work while having Manchin as senator for the time being and doing the work while having some arbitrary Republican, I’m on team Manchin.


Doesn’t mean we can’t complain about him, as that’s how you get politicians to make changes in their own behavior…


Limited perspective but I was around a lot of sanders supporters in a pseudo-bastion of liberalism and they were raging misogynists especially the women who were of course not like other girls.


Despite the attempts to downplay that group, they did exist and were very real. They flipped to Trump primarily because all they care about is disruption.


So, so happy about the outcome here! And I donated as much as I could to help!

But it does boggle the mind that a candidate so very, very bad by every possible metric got so many votes. That’s… concerning.


we’ve already passed the point where we’re a blue country.

shrub ( the first time ) and ■■■■■ won the electoral college not the popular vote. similarly the republicans have power in the senate because land does vote, and the 60 vote threshold gives hugely undemocratic powers to depopulated states

just as bad, in the house, republicans have control because of maps that were ruled to be illegal(*). and, of course, elections like ga’s are close because of disenfranchisement and barriers to voting that target poc ( and particularly black voters )

that the gop has a stake in federal government is structural not demographic. unfortunately.

eta: *) and the way the house numbers are apportioned. and the ■■■■■ census. etc


It’s scary to me that so many people chose to vote for Walker. They put some ideology before any need to have a capable government. That Walker was ever even a candidate is scary.

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Someone was talking about the role Gen-Z played in this election. I wonder how much of it was having youthful stamina for standing in multi-hour lines to vote in the face of voter suppression…

I imagine it feels much like 2016, another case of the worst possible candidate inexplicably getting far, far too many votes, but with a happier outcome this time…

I’ve read some studies that suggest there’s some survivorship bias - wealthier and whiter (and thus more conservative) voters are likely to live longer, so it’s not that people change politics as individuals, but as a demographic (because some people are no longer in that demographic).


Maybe I’m just overly cynical, but this is exactly how many, many people feel. Even if they get the feelies when they hear the Star Spangled Banner, they don’t really care about the underpinning principles of democracy via direct representation. Really, think of everyone you know. Not just friends, but everyone. How many of them do you think have actually given the ideals of democracy more than a passing thought in high school so they could pass civics? We are a primitive species just waking up to our higher potential. Many can see the possibilities of a future of prosperity and security for all, many can see that but can’t be bothered to actually engage and the majority are just dumb fucking monkeys smearing our own shit everywhere.

And all of us take turns being the dumb monkey depending on the circumstances.


The denial annoys me a bit because it’s like how am I supposed to trust a movement of people who can’t even hold their own peers accountable? I… Can’t and don’t.


okie dokey that’s probably enough of that

this is supposed to be a happy celebration topic


Or who are reflexive contrarians that refuse to go along with anyone.


I’m really tired of people insisting that there was no misogyny informing some male voters in 2016, or that the hatred of Clinton some harbor is somehow NOT informed by misogyny… I mean, fucking seriously?



I figured “no chicks” was too nice a way to say that. :face_exhaling:


There’s also this…


But really, it was all those plucky “independent voters” who just wanted to “disrupt partisan politics”… yeah right.


I’ve become more angry, and much more radically left wing as I age.

Let’s make it even worse for 'em by taxing TF out of 'em first!


Yeah, same. In my case, it’s because I’ve become increasingly educated about various issues over time, so there’s more and more for me to be appalled about as I get older.