Watch: anti-vaccine crank tells public meeting that vaccines cause cutlery to stick to your head

Damn, memory playing tricks on me, I guess.



Ah, we used to play “whoever got the magnetic knife ate free” when me and the crew would go to Denny’s.

Since we will talk bout MO theory and magnetism in class on Monday, this is getting bookmarked.

No, she’d tell you to educate yourself. On social media.


Ooh, another good reason to get vaccinated! How convenient! /s


I could envision blunt spoons becoming embeded in her head, but magnetism would have nothing to do with it.


those dern magnets !! how DO they work ??

< partial satire , see >

I’ll be right there to make a balloon sausage dog that will help to heal the pain

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Grifting grifters gotta grift.

Besides using the show to promote her content, Tenpenny pushed a wide variety of false claims about the supposed harms of the vaccines, such as calling them a “genocidal, DNA-manipulating, infertility-causing, dementia-causing machine.” She also called the vaccine makers “satanists” and “psychopaths,” indirectly invoked the Holocaust while criticizing Israel’s mass vaccination campaign, and agreed with Kesterson that the vaccines were somehow removing God from people.

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Sure, and I respect that enough to use her title and to infer that she should know better. But in contexts where an M.D. might be reasonably assumed (such as here or with, say, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, but not so much with Dr. Biden) it’s important to point out.

Well, that’s new, anyway. What an asshole.

There was Tenpenny, and then there was this:


I would have asked to see a key - shown that magnet doesn’t stick to a brass key, and then stick it to my most likely a bit oily forehead, and then do he same with some paper. And then ask if there were any other parlor tricks she wants to show off.


If you genuinely wanted to know you could actually try reading the links I provided. At any rate MD candidates don’t go to a “med school-med school,” they go to an “allopathic med school.”

How about this: why don’t YOU try explaining why you believe the training and certification for a DO is any less valid than the training and certification for an MD?

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