Watch: Arizona man so outraged over people wearing masks he has to be carted out of store, toddler-style

There is a Psychology Today blog post about this phenomenon. It is really just conjecture not based on any experimental study but the author puts forward some theories: political conflict, economic angst, and fear. My take is that these people are so weary and scared of COVID-19 that they are angry at it and everything that reminds them of it and their powerlessness over it. Raging about masks is acting out this fear.


I really cannot understand how there are STILL people who believe that this thing isn’t real. I feel like the vast majority of people either know someone who has been infected or know someone who knows someone. How are there still people going around declaring that it’s fake?!


Sounds like it to me.

Old man can’t keep from farting. I doubt he’d remain continent in any kind of fight.


I’ve had a bit of a pet hypothesis myself. Of course it’s just conjecture, but:

I suspect it’s people reacting to a shift in “morality”. Generally conservatives, who consider themselves paragons of morality, being told by their big strong authority mommies and daddies on fox news that they shouldn’t wear masks. But then when thwy go outside they are faced with the fact that if COVID is real, wearing a mask is the moral and responsible thing they need to do.

This causes cognitive dissonance. On the one hand their authorities (who hand down morality) demand they don’t wear masks, but on the other hand they know wearing a mask is their moral responsibility. So they get angry and rationalize that COVID is fake so they can keep following their authority figures without having to do any nasty thinking or moral reasoning.


I bet holidays at that house are fun.


They need to believe it’s not real because that makes them comfy and feel safe.

They’re just wimps and cowards who’d rather deny reality than be responsible or feel compassion.


You’re absolutely correct. Those few seconds should be made into a 10 hour loop and put on YouTube to haunt him for the rest of his life.


Baby Herman is a man who looks like a baby. This guy is the polar opposite.


It all depends on where you are and who you know. My wife’s family is largely in Appalachia (specifically eastern Kentucky, southeastern Ohio and northwestern West Virigina) and no one they know has gotten it.

However, none of them are deniers (as far as I know, anyway) in large part because one of her cousins is a doctor in Alabama. (Although I suspect that her grandfather–the guy with the Obama dart board–started out as a denier and that she set him straight pretty damn quickly.)


The only person we see being yelled at (and masked) appears to have a badge of some sort hanging from a mid button on his shirt. You also notice that as the video is ending, three individuals (including the one seen from the front earlier) appear to be following them out the door. I assume to ensure they leave the property before doing [more] damage…(see ‘swipe at boxes’ when dad is let down).

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that woman’s “Goodbye!” is just so perfectly timed and delivered.


Good lord, what a nutcase. I hope they ban him for life from that store.

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Those of us who want to keep breathing and want others to keep breathing are obviously just sheeple. Freedumb!

Just like those toddlers, I hope he got a time out.

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Thanks, it was difficult to read. But yet that feels like a reference to rolling coal, doesn’t it?


Somebody tell that “dude” that he’s a “wussy” if he doesn’t go hang out in the Chernobyl exclusion zone for 6 months while buck naked. Yeah! I double dog dare ya!!


So Good to See You…leave the premises.


I’m not sure about that. Even Fox News isn’t crying Democrat Hoax anymore, and even Trump is saying to wear a mask (I know it’s just lip service, but he is saying it). I know a few Trump supporters. The only explanation for some of the stuff they spout is that they no longer watch any mainstream, or even semi-mainstream news sources. They get their news from Facebook memes. And I’m not being facetious. I honestly think that’s the only source of news most of them actually read.


And have his dad try to kick his ass?


You seem to be presuming cognition.


Dragged out by a wedgie?