Watch as tourist crosses glass bridge and panics when he thinks it's shattering


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love it - but I think someone is going to have a cardiac episode…tort law must be more forgiving in China


Nope. Not going on any glass bridges, with or without panic inducing special effects. Not walking on any transparent glass floors either. No way, no thank you.


Hah! Hey Karl come check this video out. This guy decided to put his trust in us and we totally betrayed it. Isn’t that hilarious?


Heck, I won’t even go on a glass-bottom boat without a life jacket.


someone is gonna have a heart attack one of these days.


I guess if I knew the effect was going to occur I’d like to try it - to see how completely my senses can get hijacked in an already stressful situation (walking on a glass bridge would definitely be stressful for me but I’d want to do it).


What kind of sick f*ck would design such a thing? Is there some kind of cultural difference that I am not getting?? I mean WTF?!


And we thought glass ceilings were bad.


Are you sure?



As someone with a fear of heights, I’d avoid getting on a glass bridge in the first place. If that happened, I would freak out so badly.


Watch it crack and shatter for real one of these days and the victim is all, “Ha, ha, ha, this is great, really great effects, feels like it’s really happeniiiiiinnnning!!!” as he plummets like meteor.



WHERE is this from?


Well, there have been a few cases over the years at various places over the world of some of these glass bridges or platforms cracking. They are built in such a way that they won’t catastrophically fail but it would still scare the hell out of anyone


'bout 6 years ago.


Visions of elevator car zooming up the shaft while its passenger opens the top hatch and gets a gander of the poor schmuck taking a dump up top. Nice!



Just relax. Now cough.


Not just in China, either.

I have a moderate fear of heights and could just barely bring myself to walk out into those Willis Tower boxes. My kids loved it, though.