Watch: Caitlyn Jenner won't say whether she thinks Biden won the election

Assuming, of course, that all three of them are registered voters.


It took me three re-reads before I realized you were talking about Kanye.

Off to the coffee fountain for a refill.


Well there are plenty of “Christians” for instance willing to ignore Trump’s lies, infidelities, and other clear sins and crimes, to support his other ideas.


Kanye has been diagnosed with Bipolar, but has publicly gone on record as refusing treatment. Kim is one of the few people in his circle who’s acknowledged it and publicly talked about trying to get him to take care of himself.

I’m no fan of the Kardashians. But you can’t blame Kim or her family for that. I’ve got a family member with Bipolar who spend years alternately refusing help or unable to afford it. I got a whole lot of sympathy for just about everyone in his circle.


But she’s going to protect the Eastern front! SAVE US FROM NEVADA!!!

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Positive for rich people, not for humans in general.


They listen to the sycophants in their lives who have financial incentive to convince them that the common people love them.


The California-Mexico portion of the US border is only 140 miles long. So if the state spent $1 Trillion reinforcing the border that would work out to more than $1.3 Million per foot.

Fiscal Conservatism!!


A compentent unbiased media would just keep re-asking the question until the recipient actually answered the question.

Both in the US and the UK, that media doesn’t exist :frowning:


Too late. ronnie rayguns was elected, after all.


You just can’t thread the needle between pissing off the Trumpers that believe he won and alienating the sane people that know he didn’t. When you try to stand in the middle you just piss both groups off. At least 1/3rd of GOP candidates are trying and it’s not going to work.

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She used to be of high celebrity status. Back before the Terminator was released or we had heard of a Kardashian.

Not sure sports celebrity from the 70’s gains much traction in voting or how it interacts with all the rest.

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I’m pretty sure this is strategic on her part. She’s trying not to split her potential user base. Admitting the obvious fact that Biden one will cost her votes.

Of course she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Mar-a-lago anyway.

Sebastian Coe had his athletic success after Caitlyn Jenner, and had his political high and low points over 25 years ago.


In all fairness, Jenner only wants part (or all) of a 900-some million-dollar fed grant diverted to the wall.

CA is spending an obscene amount on a pretty sad-sack ‘high-speed’ rail system, to be sure, but 900-some million is almost a billion, not a trillion. BIG difference.

Building a border wall is stupid at any price, but at least it’s not really a trillion.

I think she could easily get Trump voters. She is an anti-trans trans. Just as when Trump voters support anti-Black Blacks, she’s the person a Trump voter can hold up to show how ‘enlightened’ they are.


“one of the good ones”

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