Watch Charles Barkley destroy Donald Trump

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Just cause…


"Your life sucks because of you, not because of Hispanics.”

Charles is not entirely right here - for many of those people their life sucks because of the GOP.


Wow. That was impressive, especially the part where he calls out CNN for being so short-sighted and focused on ratings, and he even notes they are owned by the same company as TNT. I think that part made his co-hosts more uncomfortable than anything he might have said about race or the GOP.


My question is: Why is TNT’s “Inside the NBA” discussing Donald Trump?

Sounds more like Barkley destroyed the network he’s on more so than any of the presidential candidates…

What’s he doing wrecking havok off the basketball court?

And even more so, because – right in line with the economic argument that he also made – both parties are owned by plutocrats doing all they can to increase the wealth divide. Barkley pulls a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps!” argument while also recognizing that that argument is unfair because of the ever-growing wealth gap. It’s great to see him bash Trumpadump, and CNN, but some of his argument could have been more coherent.


a little from column a, a little from column b. hang on, there’s an obnoxious gif that usually gets posted for this kind of thing


isn’t Barkley a Republican?

Well, those of us who watched his commentary can tell you that he said he’s always voted Democratic, but was swayed by John Kasich ® into considering a Republican vote.


Wikipedia says he’s Independent these days. “The Republicans are full of it. The Democrats are a little less full of it.”


ok, well says "Barkley spoke for many years of his Republican Party affiliation. In 1995, he considered running as a Republican candidate for Alabama’s governorship in the 1998 election.[73] However, in 2006, he altered his political stance, stating “I was a Republican until they lost their minds.” so I guess my opinion of him was out of date.

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Headlines keep promising me I can watch someone destroy Donald Trump, and yet he continues to exist. :frowning:


Meh, sounds like Barkley’s politics are all over the map, as they sort of were in this video.

Not that it matters, really. He doesn’t seem likely to run for office, and he didn’t especially “destroy” Trump either (except maybe in the minds of click-hungry headline writers).


Hm, Clinton did pull out some nastiness against Obama. I didn’t like it and don’t like it worth a damn, but…
I mean I support Sanders, but there is eventually going to be an outcome to all this nonsense.
I guess what I’m saying is that I hope Clinton’s unpleasantness in the past doesn’t prove to alienate an important part of the electorate.

Because Trump is so great, his ego has spilled over to the NBA. He plays all the positions (even the mascot). He scores the points so fast it makes your head spin. If elected, he’ll even win the Basketball Cup, and will be so humble that he won’t let the rest of his team hold it. Plus, the basketball field is one place where Real Americans® can feel safe from all those Mexican rapists, and Syrian refugees can’t afford tickets.

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If you’re of the tinkering type, I managed to cludge together some Greasymonkey scripts that eliminate The Orange One from my boingboing universe. I usually browse via the /blog version, but the other covers the vanilla page too. Does not work in the BBS.

$(“div h1 a:contains(‘Trump’)”).parent().parent().hide()//blog page
$(“div h2 a:contains(‘Trump’)”).parent().parent().hide()//main page


I do think he has an important point as to how Trump is gaining traction, though - because Trump is doing the standard racist opportunist thing and giving people someone to blame for whatever is bad in life or society.

It’s strange that there is no successful demagogue similarly blaming rich people for all of societies shortcomings. I mean, they are actually to blame for some of it, so it should be easier to make it stick. So very, very strange. Downright peculiar, isn’t it!