Watch Fox punish Trump for GOP's "absolute disaster" with just two words: "Ron DeSantis"


If the Orange Oaf doesn’t get the GQP nomination, he’ll try to burn the party down and run as an independent so he can stall any federal prosecution for as long as possible. The upside is that the Dems (and USAians) will possibly have a full Democratic majority in both houses and the Oval Office as a result.


I think this is the dream many of us have. If the Republicans do outright stiff him, he will absolutely do this…he cannot stand not having the attention.

Look around the Conservosphere today - literally every single outlet is blaming Trump, with a few offering a small side handy of “even if he was a great former President…”


The magnitude of the beatdown he gave Crist was a little surprising, yes.

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Was it, though? Crist is a former Republican. As a Democrat, he’s still pretty conservative. I can’t see anyone other than centrist Democrats being excited about him as a candidate, and I doubt if even they were because Crist has no personality. Conservative Republicans love DeSantis, and moderate Republicans don’t hate him. So who does that leave to vote for Crist? Moderate Democrats and maybe left-leaning Independents? If you don’t give voters much of a choice, they aren’t going to make one.


Ah! 2012, that was it…


I mean, the second clip isn’t wrong. That’s exactly what the voters did. They looked at what is going on right now, all of this, and decided that Trump’s republican party is just not the answer. These are people who are upset with President Biden, inflation, gas prices, what they perceive to be a rise in crime and what they perceive to be a worsening economy… and through all that decided “Nope. I just don’t trust the republican party’s candidates. I do not think they have an answer to this that’s worth pursuing. I’d rather stick with this.”

And as for the DeSantis pushing… I don’t like Ron DeSantis. Ron DeSantis is an asshole. His political opinions and mine are as far apart as possible. But I live in Oregon. I live in an area where the Redhawks are still on 24/7 alert because of the shit North Korea’s doing and Russia’s doing. We have multiple bomber incursions from Russia into US airspace a month. We have North Korea firing missiles over Japan that theoretically have the range to hit us.

I don’t LIKE Ron DeSantis. But I also trust him just a bit more to not get into a nuclear war because his feelings got hurt on Twitter because Dennis Rodman is a better friend to Kim Jong Un than he is.

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I think I can say for certain that Trump will die before he goes to prison or faces any meaningful consequences for his lifetime of horrible bullshit.

And because it’s a shitty timeline, he will also die before he is able to completely sabotage the GOP, if that is the path he intends to take. Because he is Trump, his death will somehow result in the worst possible outcomes.


How Trump will die:



Sort of the GQP cultivating more virulent and dangerous MAGA variants the same way COVID variants mutate and combine.


Marc Thiessen can kiss my :peach:

God, I wish that evil old fucker would just die already. How old is he now?


Me too. But then I remember that problems rarely die along with their host organism.

Not to deny: he’s got a once-in-a-generation level of talent for this kind of awful, and until the next one comes along, the world will have a brief reprieve.


Lachlan Murdoch is already lined up

The Skinny Lady is not going to solve that one


Who is that?

ETA: something something singing?

Ron deSantis and Glenn Youngkin are pretty good at making sure that their malign influence is felt most deeply by specific marginalized groups, and not by society as a whole. Most people knew that Trump was deranged, but the average person might not recognize the critical race theory panic as total bilge.

And if you do see that sort of thing for what it really is, the future of the republican party is fascism with better optics.




Indeed. I heard he’s the Murdoch who already runs Fox News.


Maybe, but the failure of Tromp to arrive again, surfing the crest of his fictonal red wave, seems as likely to put some stiffness back into the spine of moderate conservatives, maybe enough to spur them into taking back their party.

I suppose though with demographic trends being what they are, that version of the party wouldn’t last long. Hard to imagine how the GOP can rebrand itself enough to take back power by winning elections fairly.


He’s also the one responsible for keeping Tucker Carlson on the air despite the show constantly losing advertisers. Lachlan will be no improvement over his scumbag father.