Watch kids eat 100 years of sandwiches


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One is all you need.


nope. it only makes me envious and hungry.


A French dip that doesn’t have melty hot cheese…now maybe my Americanism is showing but WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?


Where the hell was I that I didn’t hear about paninis until after 1990? Also, weirdly, the dictionary on my computer still hasn’t heard of paninis. This is what I’m getting:


FRENCH :clap: DIPS :clap: DON’T :clap: HAVE :clap: CHEESE

You dip one side of the french roll in au jus, put a bunch of meat on it, then serve with more au jus for dipping. (Or if you’re at Philippes, you get it double dipped, and dip both sides of the roll.)


You know what I like about sandwiches? I can eat them anyway I like, and mine is a French dip with cheese.


Well to be fair Panera Bread was founded in 87 and the paninis is something like their core business isn’t it? I don’t really know, I don’t like most of their food…


That’s how Hackney’s served it, since Prohibition days.

Although now, clicking through to the menu, I see there’s a new option: “add cheese, $1.00”. o tempora o mores!


You are now honor-bound to eat any and all paninis from now on while listening to Paganini.

Problem solved!


You can get cheese on it, but that’s like getting mayo on a regular roast beef on rye… the extra fat puts it out of balance.

Now cheese on a cheesesteak… that is divine.


if you like flame war you should post this in the hotdog or unpopular opinions thread

afaik the panino as bread roll recipe is a few centuries old, but the current form as sandwich design template is newish and has its roots as 1970s/1980s trend in Milano


See, I peeked in that hotdog thread just now…and I knew where that was going and lets just say I’m not going to enter that flame war because it doesn’t matter. This is why places like Which Wich and other order your way places are nice. I only like mayo and ketchup on my dogs…AND? I’m not making them for you to eat. I’m not big on condiments, my burgers are tomato, ketchup, and mayo (with cheese and bacon depending on mood, sometimes no tomato). Some people like relish or pickles, yuck, but I’m not stopping you in the slightest. Chik-fil-a no pickles, extra honey please.



Now, mustard and mayonnaise, THAT is a pairing I can get behind.


you guys! A wrap and a burger aren’t sandwiches! WTF?!


Shaggy, Scooby; is that you?


I want to see a kid eat a 100-year old sandwich.


Definitely not slices of a Pullman loaf shown in the first example. A Pullman loaf is baked in a pan with a lid. This shapes the bread into a square shape, and adds texture. There is no way that the bread for the PB&J was baked in a Pullman pan.


No reuben? Heresy!