Watch: Little girl has meltdown when she finds out she's going to have a baby brother and it's really cute

Well, I always managed to find stray kittens on my way home when I was a kid, usually around my bday or Xmas. Drove my mom nuts…



Even better. If I’m lucky my kiddo will bring home strays when she’s older.

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I understand making a video when you think she will happy, but why continue when things go south? As a parent you should be concerned with your daughter well-being rather than making a video and putting it on the Internet for her to be made fun of. She needed reassurance and an hug.

Also, she looks overweight, so I suspect saying no when needed is not her parents best skill.

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We Need to Talk About Little Girl.

Christ there’s a lot of back-seat parenting in this thread.


I feel safe amongst my Boingers.

Well, she’s not painting a picture. She’s raising a kid. And raising a kid is a fairly straight forward endeavor. There are correct ways to do, and there are incorrect ways to do it.

That’s what I thought.

a) a bit chubby for a 3 year old.
b) temper tantrum.

Those parents should watch out, the teenage years could be hell.

Parenting is hard, and I can understand how this happens (especially the first child is rather hard not to spoil) but why put a movie on it on the internet?

I don’t disagree with that, but since we know that the norms do in fact lead to the opression of women and non-straight people, it’s crazy to keep perpetuating them.


Do you mean Kate Beaton? Because that’s who it is.

And @lt_nemo beat me to it!

Yeah, I thought she was well enough known around here, that people would recognize it. Next time I’ll include the link though. She deserves lots of clicks!



Coolest feminists ever.

Ever been on actual parenting forums? Buckle up, buddy, this is backseat tummy rubs compared to that madness.

My 2yo loves to have her little plastic animals to play with while she eats. At the beginning of each meal she picks out a small handful from the collection. The other day she really wanted both lion and tiger. No problem, but somehow she missed that lion was already on her tray. When I said, “ok, that’s 5 animals” she started to ramp up into a mini-tantrum, then saw lion, and immediately broke out into a sheepish grin and waved her hands as if to say “cancel tantrum, abort, abort, never mind.” I laughed for a solid 3 minutes.


Are your kids not human? Cause I’m raising humans and humans all operate on pretty much the same level. Consistency, repetition, risk v reward. That old stuff. I’m not saying it’s easy. But it’s not some freeform interpretive dance that I need to reinvent every 5 minutes.

For what its worth - professional stay at home parent with ridiculously awesome kids.

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…which is why I don’t go anywhere near them.

I didn’t see her tantrum resulting in the kid getting what she wanted. She can’t change her brother into a sister. Her mum didn’t fold or indulge her, beyond allowing her a sweet that she had already been given. On the scale of things this really doesn’t look like particularly shitty parenting to me.

You missed my point.

Regardless to whether her tantrum got the response she wanted or not (and obviously such a thing isn’t possible in this particular case) that’s a lesson that every decent parent owes to their child as early as possible; otherwise they will have unrealistic expectations about the way life actually works, and that’s just setting them up for a fall later on.

Um… I didn’t say or even imply that, so please refrain from putting word in my mouth, thanks.

What I said ver batim was that it was a wasted teachable moment, and IMO it was.

Then I added a personal anecdote about how I don’t tolerate tantrums as a parent; I nipped that shit in the bud the first time my kid tried it when she was about that age.

Unlike yourself, I didn’t make any arbitrary judgments about how others may choose to raise their offspring…

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