Watch protestors interrupt Senator McConnell speech with "Moscow Mitch" taunts

I think you should reconsider that opinion, but to each their own. Remain pessimistic if you so desire.

In the November 2018 general election, McGrath was defeated by Republican incumbent Andy Barr. Barr won 51% of the vote to McGrath’s 47.8%


Honest Question: Can somebody explain to non-US folk like me, how one single person in a parliament can wield so much power to decide if bills are voted on or not? Or could he technically be overruled if enough GOP lawmakers decide not to obey him any longer?


If enough gop lawmakers went against McConnell, they’d no longer be funded and would have all the favors they’re given rescinded.

Additionally a lot of Rs have kompromat and I’m sure the party establishment would love to do things like out brimstone and hellfire guys as gay, or just drum out their token women and black people.


I’m convinced that they have something good on Graham.


In addition to @LDoBe’s excellent summary of the political reasons, here’s a quick summary of the mechanistic reasons:
As Majority Leader, Moscow Mitch can pick and choose what topics and bills get considered by the full Senate from committee. As such, he can single-handedly block any legislation from even being discussed, much less voted on. There are a few exceptions to that, but they are edge cases. Even if every other senator disagreed with him, first his caucus (Senate Republicans) would have to remove him as Majority Leader and replace him with someone else.


Bring your fucking Moscow Mitch to me! Hahahahaha!


The audience seems to hate him too. Damn! Rough crowd. But a good crowd.


just imagine what the protests at the RNC and DNC conventions are going to be like over the next two years

congress always votes themselves millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars for security for their own private conventions but it’s probably not going to be be enough anymore and I bet this will be the first years where people get killed

plus be on the lookout for the first use of sonic cannons against civilians since police now have all the military war toys, yay america?

There’s plenty of wannabe instigators out there still, but both RNC and DNC bases are rapidly eroding. There may be less protesting and more ignoring, combined with a larger than usual voter turnout and a lot of “safe” seats getting new butts in them.


What they said but also, previously, historically, allegedly, the Senate was more genteel, and possibly more collaborative (with the two parties working together more) and less partisan. McConnell, both when he was the minority leader, and since he became majority leader, has been exceedingly partisan and obstructionist, resulting in excessive gridlock over that last decade that is largely unprecedented. Though we did have a civil war where opposite sides of the Senate tried to kill each other, so maybe it’s not us at our absolute worst? But it’s still seems pretty fucking bad, at the moment.




I mean, I’m all for it, but having lived in KY and knowing this is McConnell, I’ll have to borrow some of your hope.


The U.S. system relied on courtesy, conversation, cooperation, and compromise, a lot of which use unwritten rules of conduct. All five of these things have been completely swept away by republicans, who don’t give two fucks for the United States or its people, except their rich patrons. Sen McTurdle is a master of the rules of the Senate—it’s probably the only thing he’s an expert on—and he’s managed to exploit the rules by twisting them into knots to get his way.

The founders of this country did the best they could at a time when the States was a rural, sparsely populated set of colonies. Now things are totally different and I don’t know how we could possibly fix things. Up until mid-century 20th the five c’s above were all that existed to fill the gap. With those destroyed by Moscow Mitch and his republican bitches, the country is pretty much doomed as a free society.





I have plenty to spare you are welcome to it.

I think if Politicians like McConnell can be beat, it’s by rivals like McGrath.


It’s a super-effective nickname that sticks like stink on shit. I think the Dems should use it 24/7 and as long as McConnell is in office.


This childish nickname crap works both ways thankfully.

If Trump gets to give everyone a stupid nickname I think we should just start doing this with everyone in the Republican Party

This is off to a good start. Unfuck him, his ancestors, and the diseased protozoa that gave birth to them. I wish someone would wreck a truck full of full porta johns into his lecture podium. He deserves nothing less.


That is curiously specific… :thinking:


Turtle, Dour.