Watch: Raging mad cop goes berserk over guy who has weed in his car

This cop, and every cop he’s worked with that hasn’t reported him, and every supervisor he’s ever had, needs to be fired immediately. No pensions, no severance.

In a truly just world, that would be followed by an immediate criminal investigation into each of them, with full civilian review of every official action they’ve ever taken.

These fuckers need to learn they work for us, not the other way around.


I might start posting this to every thread about cops. Its pretty much always appropriate.


Sometimes weeing in a police car is the right thing to do.

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I suspect this is about qualifying for his pension, rather than being afraid to quit.


He ought be mad at whoever sold him those stupid looking glasses.

And yeah, it’s the roids.
Look at his forearms.

He’s mad because his nuts have shriveled up.


The kid was a dick but this should serve as a reminder to the police that they work for us. I would suggest that this be used in training on how not to engage the public. I suspect that this cop will receive the retirement that he is looking forward to a little earlier than he expected.


This looks like a low threat situation. Don’t like to think how this cop might react if faced with something more serious.


The cop is waaaaay out of line, but why would you INVITE this kind of situation by flicking them off? I have a lot of opinions about cops, but when I’m dealing one on one with an officer, I don’t mouth off.

Oh we know. He’d shoot people. He’d yell 12 contradictory commands with his buddies all at once then shoot whoever they feel makes the best finger painting target.


I wouldn’t be surprised if that cop shot a person or three during his career.

The fleet of CT state police cars are almost entirely unmarked. Article in Courant suggested that flipper of the bird didn’t know it was a cop, just knew it was someone driving like an asshole.

This being CT, the cop will get his pension, even if he is fired, has to sue, then get back pay and have his pension reinstated.


Personally speaking, I’d stay the hell away from him even then; crochet needles and gardening tools can be weaponized.


You are wonderfully evil. :smiling_imp:

It’s amazing that no one talks about the culture of steroid abuse in law enforcement. It’s real and it’s definitely an aspect of our thug caste police forces that has a noticable negative effect. Cops should be calm, not raging ticking time bombs.


Still legal though :wink:, at least in my state!


I imagine what he’s like at home.


…become a cop.


This is a funny word. Incense is supposed to calm you down, not cause… whatever this is. That cop needs some incense, along with whatever is in that guy’s car.

Did he just throw drugs on the ground in public and leave it there? That doesn’t seem like a good idea.

He probably would have benefited from smoking them.