WATCH: self-appointed vigilante punishes litterbugs




I always thought “litterbug” sounded too cutesy for people who leave a trail of filth in their wake. I now prefer “trasholes.”


Taping the bottle to the door mirror was a nice touch.

Most of the littering I encounter are idiots throwing cigarette butts out their window. Apparently in Russia it’s acceptable to pretty much drop whatever you have directly onto the street without a second thought.

I wonder if the next step is to literally squat and take a shit right there in the middle of the road?


PedantBot sez: are there officially-appointed vigilantes?


This is completely NOT STAGED of course.


From what I’ve heard, that already happens in China.




Who WAS that masked woman?

"Привет-Yo, Серебряный! Гостях!"


Next up: dashcam video of a russan motorcyclist being run over repeatedly.


say what you will, I think this is AWESEOME


It’s like that in huge swaths of the developing world.


Great. Now if she would only come over here and start rubbing the faces of dog owners in their pets’ shit …


…such as US cities. I lived a block from a McDonalds once. It was awful.

In other news: self-appointed vigilante is tautological.


Goodness, I was about to go whole-pedant your pedantry by noting that a tautology is a self-proving statement, not just a redundant one… but it turns out that there are roughly as many types of tautology as there are of irony.


I think actually ‘pleonastic’.


Totally staged. And, if I may, poorly


Wait… did you just use irony to illustrate the irony of tautology? My head hurts.


From the wonderful “The Wizard of Speed and Time”


In Russia, trash dumps on you.

Best. Super. Hero. Ever. Trashperson!


Thanks for sharing this! This was one of my best friend’s favorite movies, but I’ve never had a chance to see it.