Watch: Ted Cruz squirms when asked why he voted No for Sandy aid but now asks for Harvey aid


I just noticed but Ted Cruz is really creepy.



Well, Katie, people in the Mid-Atlantic states don’t vote for me for Senator from Texas so screw 'em.


Reproducible at will with minimal equipment.


Didn’t Goldwater say something about the North-East being cut away from the rest of the US and floating off to sea? Maybe Ted was hoping Huricane Sandy would do that? It’s the Goldwater in him!


I would take exception to the funding for Federal flood insurance. It keeps premiums low, which means people don’t take flood zones serious enough. It also masks risks from climate change that cause more flooding.

To make a bad analogy, it’s like subsidizing a special insurance just for smokers.


“Both sides do it.”

Never say that.

“I don’t know the facts, I’m just repeating what I’ve read.”

Especially if you are going to follow it up with that.


Funding disaster recovery is the sort of thing that used to get huge margins routinely. The modern republican party is different. Voting against disaster funding for sandy, in a bunch of blue states, is just red meat for the base. Delaying funding to respond to the Zika virus is just a way to push for religious right wish list items.


Easily falsified, too. The next time he does the right thing. Still waiting…


Why not? Both sides do it.


I occurs to me someone could make a really good creepy horror movie just using video of Cruz speaking and a haunted house background.

I wouldn’t go see it if you paid me a thousand bucks. $100,000, maybe.


i can’t stand to look at him but the greatest tragedy for me is that he is my senator and a majority of my friends and neighbors, metaphorically speaking, voted that disgusting sack of shit into office.


Sometimes “asshole” isn’t strong enough.


Welcome to the club!


Of course folks need help. But there’s one condition on the money - Ted Cruz needs to move back to Canada for at least a decade.

Sorry Canada.


But the victims of Sandy mostly believed in science, and elected representatives who demonstrated that. Texas, on the hand, knows full well that climate change is a big hoax. See, totally different! Also, that’s why I hope Houston doesn’t get one red cent of federal money. Let Jesus fix your city.


he squirms a little until he recalls his pork diversion bs

people that either support right wings nuts or just don’t follow politics wouldn’t think he was squirming. he’s a jerk bag, but this video displays his skill as a hack for the far right (yes, he actually has skills), however cringeworthy they may be.


Harris County voted for Clinton over Trump 54% to 41%. Texas is not homogeneous, politically or in any other way.

Edit to add link of election results.


For those of us of a certain age:

Cartoonists and when they should quit

…that we may know them by their limp.


Even stupid people don’t deserve to have their lives ruined by a natural disaster. As much as I disagree with Trump supporters and climate deniers (probably a Venn diagram consisting of a singular perfect circle), they’re American, and deserve the assistance of our government. I’d much rather my taxes go toward aid than killing brown people in wars of distraction.