Watch: Texas GOP candidate stumbles after admitting she thinks it's wrong that kids can't laugh at "the transgenders"

Yes, something tells me the only thing that pregnant pause will give birth to is a double-down once the Q-ratings come in on her comments. Every m’f’er that has dipped a toe in the crazy pond has found the waters quite nice for a full swim.


You know, it’s like some Christians don’t even bother to read the book they “believe” in.


Can confirm, not me personally, but saw it happen to kids in junior high during a big mill strike where the teachers’ husbands were on strike and some poor (both senses) kid’s dad broke the picket lines.
I generally love and respect teachers, but some of them are just assholes who happened to get a certification.
This lady…the saddest part of the video is knowing that it will change the minds of zero people who were already planning to vote for her, and might even win over some fence sitters. :pleading_face:


This does not get nearly enough attention. Maybe it’s just enough of a dog whistle to fly under the radar, but the targeted audience certainly hears it!


#NeverVoteRepublican - because they only want to hate and discriminate, not govern


Tragically, she IS the BEST they have to offer. There are FAR, FAR worse “Republicans” out there. One of the worst accidentally became President, once.


But it’s both. One of the major reasons for their libertarian agenda is the bigotry. I don’t think you can unlink the two at this point… plenty of white, straight, cisgendered, Christian people were in favor of a welfare state when they were the only beneficiaries. Now that they are not, they want to dismantle it.

Oh, I’m not chuckling at all. I feel like I’ve been screeching at the top of my lungs for years and so many people (even here) have been brushing this shit off.


No no, keep going.
Tell the world what a terrible person you are.


Absolutely. The proponents of neoliberalism learned very early on that racism was the way to sell their otherwise unpalatable product when lying about it wasn’t enough. Ideological figures from all three major schools were outspoken supporters of the apartheid regimes in Rhodesia and South Africa.


But we still need to take seriously the fact that they are not just performing these forms of bigotry, they believe in it… and if they don’t, well, the law of goats apply. :woman_shrugging:


Jesus Christ. That moment when she realizes she just admitted she was upset because she “couldn’t have” her entire classroom bully a child, and is suddenly at a loss for words. Yeah lady, kind of hard to present yourself as a victim after you say some egregious fucking psychopathic shit like that.

Absolutely not. She’s pretty clear she was upset because she wasn’t allowed to oversee and orchestrate the bullying of a child. Her silence afterwards is because she couldn’t figure out a way to un-admit it, and it totally ruined her narrative that “woke culture” had turned her into a victim.

Yeah, terrible people now feel completely emboldened to show us all just how completely fucking terrible they actually are. It started as soon as Trump ran for office, snowballed during his term and then came to a peak thanks to covid.

Well she is, and she’s not alone.

Yep. Same goal as all these laws being passed by Republicans that criminalize teaching certain things, that are driving teachers from schools in droves. No more public education, which means the “Christian right” will finally get their dream of segregated schools, which was their raison d’être all along. Their kids will only get to interact with white, cishet, Christian children, so no possibility of learning any empathy for anyone else, learning inconvenient facts or challenging the orthodoxy.


No doubt. I should have mentioned that those neoliberals were disgustingly sincere in their expressions of racism. It’s one of the many reasons that neoliberalism found such a natural fit with conservative parties of the West after the 1970s.


Exactly. I didn’t mention that specifically other than grouping in POC, but this is at the very heart of the fabricated CRT panic.

They don’t even bother to hide it well:


I don’t know. There seems plenty of people who seem inclined to believe it’s either/or with regards to this rather than and/both.


I wish “Bible Belt Conservative” meant treating all of God’s children with love.


It never meant that and never will. Plenty of Christians, people of other faiths, atheists, agnostics, etc, do believe in treating all children with love… and then follow through.


The biggest bullies I’ve known have all been over-the-top evangelical Christian. And the evangelical Christians I’ve known who weren’t bullies were either rare exceptions, obviously in the wrong religion, or there was some kind of catch to it.


Are you a despicable example of a human being? Well we have a Party for you!


I’m guessing the Chinese students are making the native Texans look dumb?


I think it’s important that we laugh at GQP members every single chance we get.