Watch the new Star Trek Beyond trailer!

Well, part of that might have been it being almost the only Science Fiction show (or at least one of any worth) on TV for most of a decade before and after.


Loved your review, even if I think the movie was not all that bad… it just made no sense, that’s all. At the risk of providing even more fodder in the case against ST:“TSOKD”:

I agree that JJ wasted Evil Sherlock in Space. Khan was wonderfully acted: dark and smart. And Simon Pegg was hilarious.


Ouch! That hurts! XD

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A colleague went to watch the Brett and Hardwicke two man Sherlock Holmes play (I saw it a different night and really enjoyed it).

After the show he popped in to a bar near the theatre for a pint and saw the two stars sat in the corner. He thought how he would like to go over and enthuse about how much he enjoyed the show, but thought Brett would be bored with such an outpouring of fannishnes.

Any way, Cecil Hardwicke spots my colleague glancing over and walks over to his his table and asks him if he would mind awfully coming to speak with Jeremy Brett because he was feeling lonely after being on tour for several weeks. An enjoyable evening was topped off by a pint with the real Holmes and Watson.

I enjoy Bendydick Cucumberpatch’s autistic take on Holmes, but I thought Brett really nailed the role of the World’s Greatest Detective; bringing a slightly worrying intensity and passion to the role.


I’m so jealous of your friend. And of you. I would have loved to see that play! And to meet the men themselves? :+1:

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I can name a handful of artists whose careers were launched by American Idol off the top of my head (though I couldn’t tell you if any of them actually won or not, or even name more than a song or two by any of them, since I never actually watched the show - these are just names I picked up via osmosis through the media): Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Phillip Phillips. I don’t give a shit about any of them, but then I don’t particularly give that much of a shit about Trek, either, when it comes down to it, or ANY pop culture. But that’s just me - Trek obviously means quite a lot to you. I’d imagine that there are hardcore Kelly Clarkson fans that feel EXACTLY as strongly about her music as you do about Star Trek, though, based on her 25 million worldwide record sales (which is actually more than I expected, but Wiki tells me it is so).

tl;dr - your favourite pop culture is no better or worse than somebody else’s - at least from your own points of view.


Strange. Star Trek VI is my favorite. It is the most Star Trek of all the movies. It is one of the three watchable Star Trek movies (IV, VI, and VIII).
Star Trek II is just a primitive space shoot-em-up. Not really what Star Trek was about. But yes, it holds up by selling well.

No. Quite in the beginning, you see the senseless platforms in the Bad Guy’s ship (why do most Star Trek movies have Big Ridiculous Bad Guys when none of the good ST episodes do?). I thought, “Oh, this is where the final fistfight between Kirk and the Big Ridiculous Bad Guy will happen”. And I was right. There were a few more fighting scenes where I got bored and started thinking about the plot. Which the plot was not able to hold up to.

It’s nice that you can point out some of the minor flaws with that movie. Maybe you can also explain the big picture to me - I didn’t get that movie.

I mean, we’ve got the hero. He’s a freedom fighter who executes a well-planned attack on a major base of Section 31. You know, the worst bad guys the Federation has to offer? Definitely a hero.

And we’ve got a criminal who loves disobeying orders, except for the obviously, glaringly illegal orders to fly his heavily-armed star ship to the capital planet of the neighboring Klingon Empire. This is about the equivalent of the captain of a Soviet nuclear submarine steering his fully-armed vessel into New York harbor in order to capture a Russian dissident. DURING THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS.

During the movie, I somehow got the impression that I was supposed to root for the bad guys. I’m confused.

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Of course because a generic action movie in space is going to draw more viewers than a “real” Star Trek movie. Well, that may not be the case, but the people who pay the bills are more willing to pay for a movie that is more likely to hit.

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or, you know, an Indian actor.

Why? Because his last name in Indian? That was my point. They cast a Cuban the first time and the guy is a genetically engineered superman. Is there some reason he has to look or genetically be “Indian?”

I have a friend whose last name is “Lopez” but there hasn’t been anyone Hispanic in his family for over 100 years.

I’ll admit its just my opinion, but I’d still prefer having the ‘wrong kind’ of brown actor playing Khan over whitewashing him when the JJ Abrams movies are already lagging behind TOS on diversity as it is?

Although honestly I just don’t like Benedict Cummerbatch that much.


I hear your point. I love CumberSnatch (as my wife calls him) so I was happy with him having a screen role.

Apparently, my wife’s perfect men are:

  1. me (obviously, duh!)
  2. Benedict CumberSnatch
  3. Idries Elba
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Surely there’ll be a film soon in which every character is played by Cumberbatch and Fassbender.

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You think that’s the actual order? :wink:






You’re right!

I’ve heard of three of those. Not actually heard them, but heard of them.

Let’s revisit that in 50 years. If Kelly Clarkson still has a large following, fan convention, and has inspired two generations of bleeding-edge innovators, I’ll concede your point.