Watch these "freedom" defenders bully masked families walking to school in Beverly Hills

“But what about my First Amendment right to terrorize children?!”


They are not just mimicking. They are fully integrated in L.A. - Anti Vax/Anti Mask movement and Proud Boys have already merged. They clashed with Antifa in DTLA and a proud boy was stabbing people. In one incident the Proud Boy accidentally stabbed a lady friend through the forearm. They wrapped her up and then went back into the fight.

On the west side it’s odd/funny that they gravitate to elite settings. They once invaded the Erewon market to protest their mask policy. Try that shit at one of the markets in the hood… And the Mayor of Beverly Hills offering to meet with them? Privilege.


If you use something like that (gels are even better because they stick) you really want an inert training spray as well. Otherwise you might indeed miss.


The assholes who got tasered or sprayed with mace would demand the person who tasered or sprayed them get arrested and/or sue them in civil court.

Now spraying them with alcohol from a spritzer bottle, you could potentially claim you were sharing your homemade hand sanitizer (151 proof Everclear is strong enough to sanitize and a liquor store near me sells a 750 mL bottle for $16, your mileage may vary) and the dispenser misfired. If a spray bottle works (sometimes) on pets who climb on furniture where they’re not allowed, might it work on humans who don’t behave themselves?


I take solace in the emerging fact that people like these make noise disproportionate to their limited numbers. Over the past week we’ve come to learn the truly committed RWNJs are perhaps 2%, maybe 3% of the population. When large hospital networks terminate 400 for vaccine refusal, that’s only 2%ish of their staff. And good riddance to bad nurses.

I think this holds here in Canada. Small but loud and IMHO ignorantly behaved, like PPC supporters. Although they did get a worrisome 4.9% of the vote.

Like the large crowd that gathered for Trump’s Jan. 6 speech dissipated to a few thousand die hards that actually assaulted the building and did violence in an attempt to prevent a peaceful transfer of power, if not worse.

We know who these people are now. They’ve self identified themselves as too far gone. Medical professionals with anti-science views are now less likely to harm someone. Hopefully some can be brought back to reality.


Their god is whatever they want, need, or like him to be. And, yes, these assholes always have a male deity.



That word has apparently been around since the 40s. I remember hearing it in the 80s.


“Let’s show up here and show them it’s not. Let’s show them how we really feel. Let’s make them afraid”

So, terrorism is the stated intended goal here.


Gosh, that’s only about 10M people in the US, should be no problem to contain. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I should have added something about how that’s still a lot of people.

But then, there are ~320M of you to keep an eye on them.

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