Watch this highly effective redneck furniture moving technique


not redneck...

  1. there are no 3 story mobile homes.
  2. too many teeth
  3. no fire involved
  4. no one had to go to the ER
  5. they weren't sitting on the couch in whitey-tighties with camo ball caps on
    drinking beer riding the thing down the wires.

common... get your stereotypes right! if you are going to use a sterotype you have to make sure it is chalk full of actual sterotype...

(sorry @phosphorious, not sure why that reply ended up being to you instead of the article...)


i thought they were counterweights for a pulley, so i found it a bit more exciting.


Also not sure about the redneck label. It looked to me like they accomplished exactly what they set out to do.

Last time I needed to get an old couch out of my third-floor apartment, I went out and bought an axe. I chopped the thing to smithereens, and threw the pieces out the window. Despite my Ivy League degree, I think their solution was considerably more elegant.


6- No white goods (washer/dryer, etc) on lawn.


I presume she got it from the video's youtube title, which is "red neck couch moving."


You dun goofed, Mr Bresson. Internet has spoken, and vertical composition is OUT OF THE QUESTION. You hear that?

I'll repeat this. If the problem is the black bars, all we need is a semismart player that knows when a video is vertically framed, and crop for it. Widescreen, like framerate, is a thing of habit. Most of this videos are not even seen in fullscreen.


I'm an engineer. Come with me if you want to live.


"Chock full" !


And I will be there to document that miraculous filming baby Jesus in portrait mode.


More fun though.


The scene took place in portrait mode. Had she filmed in landscape format, the options would have been
- crop the couch out of the top
- crop the landing zone out of the bottom
- pan annoyingly between the two
- back far enough out to get the full vertical extent of the scene, plus a bunch of extraneous stuff on the sides, and make the actual scene of interest too small to see well.


lol, forgot that good one! smile
(...most redneck moves involve driving your house to a new location...heehee...)


If you look carefully at 0:42 you can see $3.78 in coins, a lost remote, and small child fall out of the crack.


As someone with approximately 50% of his family hailing from Texas, allow me to explain why these guys are not Rednecks and are, in fact, Good Ol’ Boys. Here is the difference:

Rednecks raise livestock, love working on cars, drive pickup trucks, listen to country music, go hunting with their hound dogs, drinks American beer, and throw their empties on your lawn.

Rednecks raise livestock, love working on cars, drive pickup trucks, listen to country music, go hunting with their hound dogs, drinks American beer, and throw their empties in a trash can.

Thus endeth the lesson for the day.


I was waiting for the balcony railings to snap off.

As it turns out they didn't, that does make it the most efficient way to get the sofa down smile



This is a case where portrait mode is the best framing technique. Yes, landscape is 'best practice' in many cases.

This is not one of them.


10:1 the original poster/participants self-titled this as a "redneck" activity, particularly given how it doesn't really fit the sterotypes.

Folks should relax; redneck ≠ hate speech.


I'd agree, but as a furriner, I might not have the best handle on what redneck is.

Creative and probably beer-fuelled solution that uses low-tech/agricultural materials in a manner that has a high risk of hilarious disaster.

Sounds pretty redneck to me. And awesome. I don't see the two as mutually exclusive. smiley


What makes you think the software was "unable to handle" portrait mode? Had it been "handled" and rendered in faux-landscape, you would have missed 70% of what happened in the video. Instead, it's displayed as it was (incorrectly) shot.


7- No barking dogs in the way.