Watch Trump refuse Pelosi's handshake and Pelosi rip up his speech at last night's State of the Union address

I saw that too, posted by my sister. She also linked a photoshopped image with the speech replaced by the Constitution. The irony is making my head explode.


As opposed to stealing from their charities, insulting them, cutting off vital services and benefits to them done by the GOP.

But the funny part about that is the admission that none of those morlocks can remember what Trump said during his big speech.


Maybe Il Douche missed, what with those tiny hands of his.


There was an analyst on NPR about an hour ago making the same “she tore up the Tuskegee Airman” nonsense argument. The Republicans were already going to call the Democrats partisan and disrespectful, and they were already going to get away with it with the voters they are targeting with these bullshit stories, anyway.


Yep, it’s been many years since there was any point giving a shit about Republican feigned outrage.

No one who’s bent over for the Turmp train will ever not despise Pelosi, and no decent, sentient person will ever be impressed by Republicans’ “Lisa said a dirty word!” routine. A stunt like this accomplishes nothing but making Breitbart shitheads thrash in their seats; but it _does_accomplish that. So, good.


There is no point in playing by the Republicans rules. They change them whenever it is convenient for them, then change them back when they are advantageous to anyone else.


Hold on tight, bc the US Senate is about to give the Executive branch carte blanche to do whatever da fuck they wanna do.

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Oh, I certainly get that. I’m just trying to point out that it may not be the “win” that some folks think it is.


She’s been doing her part—she got impeachment through the House of Representatives, after all. We can’t depend on her to carry the country on her own though. Time for more of us to step up.



Trump walked into Pelosi’s turf and refused to shake her hand.

Imagine the outrage if she walked into the White House and refused to shake his.

I hate these hypocrites so goddamn much.


There is a twist, according to the finest news source:


Whether he intentionally dissed her, or didn’t notice (as has been theorized)…it’s irrelevant. That is between the two of them to work out. There is no rule or procedure that requires they shake hands. There is no rule or procedure that says she can’t tear up that doc.

What is paramount here is exactly what you point out…hypocrisy. And it’s ALL on the right. ALL OF IT. They have outrage at the slightest thing the left does but refuse to actually condemn and take action on themselves for ANYTHING. Which leads me to that reply to good ol Newt…."SIT DOWN!"


I’ve already heard from conservative veterans that they don’t appreciate being used by POTUS to try and make himself look good. I hope that backlash continues through the election.


Not just her turf. She was the senior official present in that situation.


That single headline pretty much sums up how utterly fucked we really are. Too sad for laughs.


My impression is that she finally decided to play on Trump’s level by doing something so outrageous that it crowds his message in the 24 hour news cycle. It’s exactly the sort of thing Trump would do. I hate the slow descent towards the chamber being filled entirely with shit flinging howler monkeys, but I appreciate that the DNC leadership is finally growing a spine and pushing back against the blatant media manipulation that Trump mastered years ago. You can’t fight this with civility, they’ve been trying for 3 years now and it simply doesn’t work. You have to get dirty.


Conservative Twitter is also falling all over their fainting couches that Pelosi violated the federal recordkeeping laws when she tore up the speech and must be prosecuted! Despite the fact that Trump has been doing that with important documents since day 1 and he fired the guy that the National Archive was paying to tape them back together.


It worked as planned. Trump’s big speech got forgotten and everyone focuses on him being trolled. Even Republicans are hard pressed to come away with any details of the SOTU address.


And conservatives were outraged! Outraged! Trump does something actually outrageous Every. Fucking. Day. and crickets from those dudes, but sure, this was “outrageous.” What do the Trumpers like to say? “Fuck your feelings”? Yeah, that.

Unpossible. She’d need to go a heck of a lot lower than that to get close. But yeah, time for the Democrats to stop pretending shit is normal. (Granted, that time was when he got elected, but doubly so now.)

Worse than that, even: