Welcome to Freedom Cafe - where chicken is cooked at 100 degrees F and the servers touch your food

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@frauenfelder, Libby Jones, the original author should be credited.

The editor of the Ledger Dispatch, where that letter appeared on the July 25th, 2020 issue, updated the web version of that letter on July 29th, 2020 with this note:

Editor’s Note: The following is copied from a social media post made by Libby Jones in June and was submitted to the Ledger Dispatch by Kathony Jerauld of Amador City.

Source: Ledger Dispatch, Letters to the Editor, July 25th, 2020.


The sarcasm is strong in this one.


Good to see that common sense is starting to WIN in this country. Next let’s upend the tyranny of grounded outlets, building codes, speed limits, and stop signs!


Don’t forget water regulation and air quality!


It is my sincerely held religious belief that all restaurant staff must comply with national, state and local food safety regulations.

Any violation is nothing short of infringing on my first amendment rights and freedom of religion.


And what’s with these mandatory seatbelts in cars? We used to be a nation of rugged individualist risk-takers!


I live in a county in Michigan that is making national news for being the hot spot of the country. I’m posting this ad under every ignorant comment I find on Facebook.


And without a thick cloud of second-hand smoke, lungs are being deprived of a workout and food is served without essential ash, crucial for strong bones.


Grounded outlets? Bah. You can get around that barrier for a few bucks. Just make sure you have fire extinguishers nearby.


Welcome to Salmonella Cafe.

That was my first thought, but it seems food safety prevailed.


The message will not get through. Those maskless freedom fighters just will plea ‘false equivalency’, or ‘I wasn’t planning on having dinner in such a commie libtard place anyway’, or ‘[insert random sensless non-argument here]’. Nothing will be learnt. Nothing will be improved. On a positive note: the snippet made me smirk.


“Also, we’re a ‘pop-up,’ so we’ll be appearing at your favorite restaurants at unpredictable times. Enjoy!”


(whispers…) I actually travel with one of these for my computer’s 3-prong plug when I’m in an old B&B or someplace without 3-prong plugs. And, no, I don’t usually do the screw thing. I’m a little ashamed.


I tried this argument at a couple city and county meetings over the winter, trying to make some inroads with the anti-maskers. But to echo what others have posted, did not make a dent.
Seems the “it’s wrong for the gov’t to tell us what to do” applies only to “them,” not to “the people serving them.”
Still, though, maybe it helps wake up a few people. And it’s funny, in a “haha, why are you making us find humor here,” kind of way.


Burn. Called out Kathony for being a plagiarist.

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It’s always amusing (as an EE) when I go to a friend’s house and see one with a strip plug in use with one of these. I ask them if they know how bad an idea that is, and I usually get “Yeah, but it won’t work otherwise”. Hence the fire extinguisher remark.

If I’m spending the night there, I at least check their 9V batteries on the smoke detectors :slight_smile:


Iz all ahbout mah freedumbdumbs!
I bet they’d lap up that freshly slapped, errr ‘cooked’ chicken that was making all the memes a few weeks ago… is this cafe located in Floriduh? Duh panhandle?

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Furthermore, the bathroom habits of servers and cooks are very private activities, and any attempts to enforce handwashing, especially with soap and hot water infringes on their constitutional right to pursuit of happiness, and insults their cleanliness. Also Hippa rights forbade us from asking any questions about their health in general.

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