What Do You Share in Common with Donald Trump?


First, a nod to @dfaris’ wonderful ‘Name Something You Trust More than Donald Trump’ thread, which inspired me to start this one.

I’m inclined towards civil unity. Finding common ground. Fostering mutual understanding between fellow citizens. Striving for compassion on a cultural level.

This thread is about none of those things. Have at it.


We both have fathers who were in the klan.

Kidding. Only he does.


Nope. I got nothing.

Hey, maybe neither of us have! That could be something in common!
OK, so I paid the same amount of tax last year as he did. 'Cept only one of us actually wants to pay taxes. :slight_smile:



ETA: Oh thank FSM. Just saw your edit. I was about to say ‘wow, shit got real in this thread damn fast’.


I don’t think SNL is funny.

(and I think CNN are a useless bunch of hacks, although my perception of their bias might be a bit different to Donny’s).


we both have 23 pairs of chromosomes . . . i think.


We both like money? Weak, but it’s all I’ve got.


We both started at the bottom and worked our way up


So, I…uh…

I mean, we–oh god, that sounds terrible–um, the Donald and I, kinda sorta possibly maybe might have, uh…

…graduated from the same university.



Contempt for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush?


Blurred for what some find to be an offensive term.


Neither of us are ever going to meet Bruce Springsteen.


You may like money but Trump worships it. Though I suppose ‘worship’ is inclusive of ‘like’.


Yeah, I said it was weak. I also spread a good bit of it around, which I doubt that he does. (I wonder where those tax returns of his are?)


I share his disdain for the electoral college.


We both agree that we need to march on Washington to stop a travesty


I think Hillary Clinton might have made a good President. (He actually said “great” but I’m not sure I’d go that far.)


My mattress is also covered in a protective plastic sheet.

Tis true. I moved to a new apartment relatively recently and I still haven’t been arsed to buy sheets that properly fit the bed, so I’ve just kept the mattress wrapped.


We both have Twitter accounts. :expressionless:


I never paid a sex worker to micturate on furniture previously occupied by a state official.