What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name



I think I can provide the cover art.


Neighborhood Dilemna.


Trauma Trigger


Disrespectful Livestock


2 more:
Shady Vegan
Candy Butcher


Band Name: Mrs. Mudge & The Orphans
Album Title: “Shut Up and Eat Your Gruel”
Album Song: “I Said, Shut Up!!”


I keep a document on my phone just to jot down band and albums names. I’ve at the point where I now have to decide which band would have which album.

Band: Functional Dyspepsia
Albums: Gastric Emptying Delay, The Water Company is Using Magic Sticks

Band Altzheimer’s Rat
Albums: You Fuckers Are An Orchard Now, Cutting Edge Diversity Science, Knives Back from Canada

Band: Confidence Band
Albums: Transcendentally Useless, Please Respond With Regrets Only, Trivial Solutions

Pub: The Blinded Neurologist

Not sure what kind of music Functional Dyspepsia plays, but Altzheimer’s Rat is definitely a punk band, and Confidence Band is an ironically named indy band.


You Fuckers Are an Orchard Now is definitely the title of a debut album. Love that you intuited that.

And goddamn, now I really want to hear it.


Not the BFG I was looking for.