What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


I keep a document on my phone just to jot down band and albums names. I’ve at the point where I now have to decide which band would have which album.

Band: Functional Dyspepsia
Albums: Gastric Emptying Delay, The Water Company is Using Magic Sticks

Band Altzheimer’s Rat
Albums: You Fuckers Are An Orchard Now, Cutting Edge Diversity Science, Knives Back from Canada

Band: Confidence Band
Albums: Transcendentally Useless, Please Respond With Regrets Only, Trivial Solutions

Pub: The Blinded Neurologist

Not sure what kind of music Functional Dyspepsia plays, but Altzheimer’s Rat is definitely a punk band, and Confidence Band is an ironically named indy band.


You Fuckers Are an Orchard Now is definitely the title of a debut album. Love that you intuited that.

And goddamn, now I really want to hear it.


Not the BFG I was looking for.


Pillaging Warband of Banjos


With help from @euansmith

Electronic Fly Trap

Album names

Brown Sugar+Water
Sugar Syrup
Fish is the best


Industrial Accident

Cuyahoga River Fire
Nuclear Meltdown
Texas City


My next band: Bambi Effect

First album: Free Frog Buffet


Band: Team No Fucks Given
Album: The League of Online Indifference

Maybe just a double act with @Melz2 but may end up being as large as the Polyphonic Spree. Depends who joins. Inspired by Shall we try this again? Questions to be asked?


Socialised Wolf
Minimum Viable Howl.
(Hat tip to @beschizza )


Basic Instructions



I love George, bless him.


Who’s George?


George RR Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). He has a habit of regularly killing off main characters in those books… And the ones that do come back often aren’t quite the same.

Also, Lady Stone Heart would be an awesome rap/dj name!


Oh, right! Thought that was someone from “Deadly Crabs”, or whatever that reality fishing show is.


I could see that! The beard probably throws people off! Although most of the people who work on fishing boats are probably much younger than GRRM, considering his age.



One Small, Completely Reasonable Request

Twee Britpop band where everyone dresses like Weird Al Yankovic instead of Buddy Holly.

Debut album: Please, Please Don’t Pickaxe My Star


Their first album, of course, is called “Peer Review”.


Songs include “Life not a Lifestyle”, “Peeing where I feel safe” and “Tuck it.”


Band: Inbred Tanning Machine
Album: IQ Test: FAIL
Album Cover:



And after your video post I see this… That’s some nightmare fuel for me. Thanks @Akimbo_NOT