What it's like to come home to America if your name is "Ahmed"






Don’t you guys know by now to check whether your links work after posting?


The actual link is http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ahmed-shihabeldin/why-i-hate-coming-home-to_b_4676404.html


Knew this already. But I’m brown, so I got to learn about it the hard way. I’d say I’m waiting for these thugs to get hit with a serious lawsuit, but what I’m really waiting for is a judicial system that would take it seriously.


I love the way that a terrorist would supposedly do almost anything to get into the country: change their passport details, get a high profile journalism job, morph into an 8 year old boy… but NOT change their name. It’s like the security procedure is run by middle schoolers trying out programming for the first time.

We didn’t have any trouble at the border, but it took five visits to the US consulate and about 2 1/2 hours of talking with officials (not including the waiting periods) before our four year old adopted son could be given a visa to travel over from China. This time they did give us the rationale, which was that “we need to assume that every Chinese person is going to try to work and remain in the country illegally”. In the end we were let through, with the strict warning that if they find us doing any work, we would be kicked out of the country immediately. Incidentally, this was the guy we’d been talking with the whole time, who knew who we were and was sympathetic to why we were visiting the US. He just kept repeating that “the system says that I have to…” At the border control in Dulles we were all waved through the immigration for US citizens as a group (because of my wife and daughter’s US passports) and a couple of officials even offered to carry our bags to the next stage. Every previous time I’ve been hassled about my reasons for being in the country, so this time felt really weird.


I do think it’s possible to sue for civil rights violations and win, but of course right now no sacrifice is too great to prevent another 9/11, especially your sacrifice.


I really feel for the guy if he is constantly ‘enmiserated.’ Such patently cromulent behaviour by the TSA certainly won’t embiggen their reputation for keeping us all safe!


Heh, the TSA doesn’t have a reputation for keeping us safe. They can’t have one, because they haven’t stopped a single terrorist attack and everyone knows it. They can’t stop terrorist attacks. If they could, then other countries would base their own security setups on the US’s. But they don’t. Because it’s so unuterrably stupid I want to write a Lovecraft-esque rant about how they’re so stupid it deforms the space around their dumb asses and their very dumb faces so badly there’s no separating the two parts of anatomy.


I don’t believe that “everyone knows” that the TSA can’t stop terrorist attacks. I think the TSA works splendidly at creating a constant feeling of dread about dangers from outside and and training the population to follow orders.

If it was only a hassle, people would actually rally against it, like the population of some states voting for decriminalization of marijuana, but they don’t.


Surely the only foolproof method of avoiding the next 9/11 is to change the calendar.


I think a name change ought to do it - perhaps “Jim Bob”, or “BillyBoy”. And for chrissakes, wear a NASCAR jersey. Not one with Danica Patrick on it, either, she’s not one of Da Boyz in NASCAR. Try Jimmy Johnson.


There’s an app for that. The Fly Rights App has a handy “report” button to use in just these sorts of circumstances. Your complaint can be submitted to the TSA and Congress and will put real numbers behind claims of religious and racial discrimination by the TSA and DHS.


He should change his name legally to Yasir Whateveryousaysir. Surely that’s not on the watch list?


The way you say, “has US citizenship,” clearly means he was not born in the United States. His “citizenship” is just a piece of paper. He is not a true American, though.
I’m all for vetting him carefully before being allowed into the country. He turned his back on his country of birth, you bet he’d do it again to his new one.


What if he bought a first class ticket? Or does that only let you breeze through boarding security, and not customs?


Quality trolling is quality.


Christ, what an asshole.


So did your ancestors. We’re going to keep a careful eye on your family. Sleeper agents, all.


Because being born in a trailer park meth lab in Arkansas makes you a true American?