Whatcha Watchin’ (Season 3)

I had no idea before watching the episode so it was a most delightful surprise indeed. :hugs:

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Russel has a nice note as a farewell to Bernard Cribbins over on his insta

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… Y2K variation on “A Clockwork Orange”

So many threads this could be put into…

tl;dr There’s a 3-part PBS docuseries on Christie with Lucy Worsley that has been researched properly.

I will definitely be watching.


You had me at “Lucy Worsley”.


You had me at Sam Esmail (best known for the sublime Mr. Robot), but hot damn, this was good! I don’t often say this, but stop reading my comment and start watching this!


… why does this exist

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Apparently, this is happening?

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It was, even though a character early in the movie uses “nonplussed” to mean “unperturbed”. :rage:

I liked the scene with the Teslas.



Truth Seekers. Nick Frost, Simon Pegg.


I’m not sure if it was a bad time or the perfect time to release a show about a Palestinian refugee family, but it’s good. A second season is promised, and they had better deliver, since the first season ends on the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers.

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Right? I love this show!

Have you seen any of his standup?

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totally agree! i was entranced, then horrified at the unfolding of events.
also agree with @teknocholer , that scene was a real “oh, wow! that’s too real”.
so many reviews i have read said people were not pleased with the ending…
i thought it was the only way it could end without torturing the premise. it was definitive.
'nuff said.


I had not. Thanks for posting that.

Ok, I tried. The casting was great, but the actions of the characters were too unbelievable for me. This gave me some flashbacks to The Happening, plus horror movie “everybody splits up” moments meeting “nobody has ever seen sci-fi or post-apocalypse stories before” tropes.

What bugged me most was the magical father (with a lot of useful tech/tactical info.) whose own daughter can’t believe his attitude. He mentions he had multiple hints something was coming but remained completely unprepared. He flirts with this random woman… :thinking: about one day after he believes his own wife was killed. He believes his prepper neighbor will surely help them :roll_eyes:, and after pulling a gun (when the completely predictable refusal comes) waits for that neighbor to…prepare his gun to fire, too. :astonished: Of course, the father/daughter duo are saved from their own foolishness by the husband and wife. :woman_facepalming:t4:

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Doctor Who: The Giggle

Neil Patrick Harris clearly having a blast with that role, and although RTD already had The Master bopping along to some contemporary popular music it was done with quite some panache here. Not only that but we also get a “bi-generation”? Just what the hell is going on?

Those are all valid points. For me, this was just one of those cases where the overall tension and the paranoia exceered the sum of the flawed parts.

It reminded me of the first season of Jericho, which is a show that I remember fondly (well, the first season anyway).

I do think that a lot of the actions of the characters can be explained by denial about the magnitude of what is going on combined with a desperate need for some kind of sense of normal, even if that means flirting instead of mourning.

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I think Netflix has 2 of his concerts… they are worth the time.

That was another point that kept jumping out at me - the parents not paying much attention to the kids during a disaster. It’s one thing to try to shield them from being afraid, and another to have no idea where they are most of the time. It reminded me of this old PSA (substitute “national emergency” for the time of night):