Whatcha Watchin’ (Season 3)

Just watched a screening of the original Alien on the big screen. Not sure why I never noticed before but that cat was definitely in cahoots with the xenomorph.


Watched the first few episodes of Black Sails on Netflix and I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth my time to keep watching. I was getting increasingly frustrated with some of the mundane stuff that makes absolutely no sense, like the thief who talked himself into a job as a cook on the pirate ship and, three episodes in, hasn’t once been seen to be cooking anything at all. Feeding a crew that size would be more than a full time job, so how does this idiot have time to be doing all these shore excursions and machiavellian schemes without losing his job (and maybe his life) when the crew gets hungry? It’s not even clear if the guy knows anything at all about cooking, and there’s no reason the crew would trust him right away. Yet the very first thing they did was take him ashore and treat him to the extra deluxe service at the brothel. (I know, it was produced for Starz, so that kind of thing is probably mandatory in the pilot episode of all their shows. But still stupid.)

Any thoughts? Does it start to make more sense over time, or less?

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i thoroughly enjoyed the whole series, but then again, i loves me some piratin’.
don’t expect historical accuracy and let the story unfold. you get real pirates that never crossed paths together with pirate characters from literature all mixed into a grand tale of piracy’s “golden age”. as you note, it is a show for television and as such, many liberties are taken in the production to move the story along. like i said, i enjoyed it. been thinking of rewatching now that i see it being up again on Netflix.


Did the same on Saturday. It’s amazing how well it holds up after 45 years, and just how little the actual Alien is shown in the movie. Just the sense of forboding and dread it sufficient.

Shown above: cat watching man die


May 30!


Holy shit, this show is really great…


Corrections (the only thing on Youtube that matters, IMO) is not over. I can continue to watch Star Trek Discovery without suspicion/resentment towards Saru. Thank you, Seth Meyers. Doug Jones: you’re off the hook for now.

(If you haven’t watched Corrections, this is episode 101, you should probably watch the previous 102 episodes to know what’s going on).


Smirk Lol GIF by Global TV


… I just randomly found this on broadcast TV

Untraceable (2008) - IMDb

pretty standard FBI-vs-serial-killer story, plus the early-2000s flavor of Computers Are Scary

with the kind of dialogue where a character has to explain out loud what “ROFL” stands for

I didn’t expect it to be set in Portland :grimacing:

looks like they shot it in the winter, everything is very dark and damp

I’m six episodes in and if there is another drama that surpasses it this year i’d be most surprised. Extraordinary.


The Three Bodies Problem: The Minecraft Cartoon


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klaatu is a smug and arrogant asshole, who believes in fear as motivator…


Dear Lord-of-the-Rings, this sounds like a bad joke.

It was bad enough that Jackson stretched The Hobbit into three overly long, unintentionally ridiculous CGI-fest movies, now he’s going back to make a movie about a part of the Lord of the Rings lore no one even cared about.

Are “What was Gollum doing between the time that Bilbo took the ring and Sauron’s orcs interrogated Gollum about it?” or “How did Gandalf track down Gollum to find out what he’d told the orcs?” really questions anyone was dying to see answered?



Aren’t you curious whether Gollum’s inserted love interest will be another elf again, a fellow halfling even though he was supposed to be unrecognizable as one, or some other Middle Earth creature?


I thought Aragorn tracked down Gollum?

There was a fan flick about it.

The Hunt for Gollum - Wikipedia.



Could be? I don’t remember if Tolkien elaborated on that part in the original book or no.

In the Peter Jackson movie Gandalf just said “There is one other who knew that Bilbo had the Ring. I looked everywhere for the creature Gollum. But the enemy found him first.”

It would be a classic Gandalf move to outsource the hard part of the job though.


He’s wise enough to hire an expert.



“I looked everywhere for the creature Gollum, and finally I found him. In a sack. At Mirkwood. When Aragorn handed him to me. I’m a very accomplished wizard.”