White supremacist hate groups find approval in Trump's words


No, I meant you’re right. We don’t need to be sneaky or careful about calling it out. We can call a racist a racist


Ah, my misunderstanding.

I agree; there’s no need to ‘mince words’ or “couch” our terms anymore.

Dude’s a fucking racist who ran on a divisive platform of nationalism, sexism, jingoism and willful ignorance.


And I get why Gillium had to be careful… He’s in a vulnerable spot.

We don’t have the same risks. Plus, it’s Trump, who has provided decades of evidence.

On the flip side, I also feel no need to listen to anyone who says he can’t be racist because he’s worked with black people. No… He’s used them to get what he wanted. Yes, you can argue he does that to everyone in his life, but he doesn’t target white people the way he does non-whites. He uses white people carelessly. He uses non-white people with malice. It’s fucking obvious what he is.

People like him make me wish I believed in Hell.


I’d argue that’s the case for anyone who he has worked with who has anything positive to say about the man; he doesn’t have “friends” or people that he actually likes - everyone is simply a means to an end to him.

I totally believe in Hell, but I think it’s a place of our own making.


In other words, others exist only in so much that they serve my ends and needs. That is about as good a description of what he shows as I have heard. Also perfectly describes a certain personality disorder which shall remain unnamed. :wink:


One must accept that some members of our society are irretrievably poisoned by hatred, to the extent that they may not be considered “members of our society.” Although interesting as a thought experiment, diagnosis and treatment of their seemingly intractable world view is a waste of time at best. It is important to recognize the things one cannot change.


How do you know my family?


I think that was in response to someone else, but I agree.


White supremacy is racism. Using any other word than racism is harmful euphemism. Why are we so afraid to use the R word?

Specific and accurate word should be “white people’s racism”. White racism. If people still have guts to get rid of its virulence, it needs to be called for what it really is.


Did you even read my comment? I just did say White Supremacy is racism.

I also said that the term “White Supremacy” is useful for specifying a particular kind if racism. Just as the term “sedan” is useful for describing a particular kind of automobile. Because all sedans are automobiles, but not all automobiles are sedans. “Sedan” isn’t just a euphemism for “car.”


Yes, I did read it. And while I don’t disagree that white supremacy indicates a specific “brand” of racism (like “kkkleenex”, but I jest), use of any term that doesn’t contain the word “racism” simply detracts from the real issue at hand, and carries less derogatory connotation associated with it.

This country’s main problem is white racism that is deeply ingrained in our culture. Extending the car metaphore, if there was a car crash, we don’t call it sedan crash, unless it’s very important to state what kind of passenger car that was involved in the accident.

Racist folks in the states are ok with being called alt-right, nationalists, and white supremacists, but hesitant to be called racists, even if non-racist folks are sensitive to them. So, why make it easier for these people? Like I said, it’s not the time to mince words.


I’ve never heard of anyone who was comfortable describing themselves as a “White Supremacist” but balked at being called a “racist.” And if I did meet such a person I have a hunch I’d care very little about their opinion on the matter anyway.


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