White supremacist Matthew Heimbach is headed to jail


Unless said stepfather remarried following the death or divorce of the wife’s mother.

My wife’s father remarried after the death of his first wife, then he died a few years later. So my wife has a stepmother who could remarry. That man could then be referred to as “the husband of her stepmother.”


What @Brainspore said.

But this guy is a mofo anyway, so…


“There was an accident with a contraceptive and a time machine.”



That story is even more entertaining in song form:


Definitely not his wife’s mother. That’s clear from the wife’s police statement.

Strictly speaking, on the police statement it says ‘father’ with ‘step’ inserted later.


She seems to think of him as her father and I’d guess the ‘step’ was included to make clear he’s not her biological dad.


it’s cucking hard to parse, that one


The way that statement is written, her step-father’s wife is her landlord and her step-father is her husband’s landlord. so he was having an affair with his wife’s landlord who was also his landlord’s wife! Can we change the lyrics to “I’m my own Landlord”?


I think it’s admirably clearly worded for such a complicated set of relationships.

Her husband was having sex with her landlord who is married to the man who used to be married to her mother.

Her husband then physically assaulted the man who used to be married to her mother.


Oh wow, I haven’t listened to that album in years, decades even. I’m pretty sure I was too young to understand large parts of it. Time for a listening session.

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