Why I'm Voting For Gary Johnson And Why You Should Too

Libertarians don’t “take care of” citizens, they take a hands-off approach and trust the citizens to take care of themselves. Which might work out if the real world wasn’t so darn complicated.

Personally I look to “down to Earth guys” to fix my car or hang out with after work. When it comes to finding someone to fill what may be the most important and demanding job in the world, I try to set my standards a little higher.


Now that’s what I call value.

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Poetry. Just poetry.


I have a libertarian co-worker I have to deal with every day and he is the type that doesn’t give a shit about anybody else but himself. If he saw a house burning down with kids screaming to get out he would say something like: “Well. they shouldn’t have left the iron on.” and keep on walking.

It’s a selfish make believe party.

Don’t be stupid and play with ebola. Vote for Hillary.


Or worse yet, a vote for Hillary. OHMIGAWD THE SKY IS FALLING!

What a tiresome meme. As a third party voter, all day long I hear how I’m voting for whatever the frothing zealot next to me has demonized in his mind. And I’m not even in a swing state. I could vote for Beelzebub and Hillary would still win my state (although there’s a very good chance she’ll lose nationally).

This is probably the most insightful political comment I’ve ever seen in my life.


No it isn’t. It is a vote for Gary or Jill or Mickey Mouse, if you write him in. That is how voting works.


Indeed. But what we are facing now is far more important than voting for hobby candidates.

Trump must lose. Period.


Living in a state that is almost certain to go for The Donald, I feel safe in voting for a third party. The only problem with that is both third party candidates are anti-science loons in one way or another. Johnson would ignore global warming and Stein believes anti-vaccine nonsense. Clinton is still the best option.

@Modusoperandi, have you got a package of those sighs for me?


I may have felt the Bern, but I ain’t touching your Johnson.


You didn’t watch the video, I take it…


Better read Charles Blow’s column in the NYT yesterday. This is one year where a conscience vote could really do some damage, and you’re gonna hate yourself when you see what Drumpf does to this country.

A third-party vote is a turd-party vote!


Not gonna. The “most qualified establishment candidate in generations” has to earn my vote. The race is between a moderate East-Coast Republican posing as a Democrat, and Marmot Head Hitler, and I’m supposed to vote for the Republican because I’m shit scared of the fascist, and because I’m supposed to be pissed at Nader from 2000.* Sorry, that’s not gonna cut it.

*Why is nobody pissed at Gore for running a crappy campaign, or, more appropriately, pissed at the people who stole the election for Bush?


Mathematically, a third-party vote is a post-facto nudge towards whoever wins. In a state that ends up voting Trump, such a vote would be a nudge towards a Clinton win.

Judging a third-party vote as such, however, assumes the consequentialist view implied by the phrase ‘post-facto’. From a Kantean standpoint, it’s an act of conscience, which it seems is how many third-party supporters prefer to see their vote.


Mathematically, voting for Hillary will actually nudge towards her becoming POTUS.

An act of conscience in this election could cost us a whole hellava lot more than you think. Don’t be stupid people. I hear the argument for voting for a 3rd party and acknowledge but, this is no time for games. Seriously.


libertarianism is white elitist pseudo-intellectual humbug.


That is great comedy watching there… sorta…kinda…oh hell I got nothing.


There’s a reason why there is no country on earth that operates under a libertarian form of government. It looks good on paper, but is completely unworkable in the real world. That said, Johnson isn’t really a libertarian. It’s just a party that he’s using for his purposes.


The people who are voting Johson would otherwise vote Trump and would never have voted for Hillary in a million years. This hurts Trump the same way a Stein vote tends to hurt Hillary.


But what should one do upon realizing that Trump is just a symptom, and politicians like Clinton are the disease?


Someone asked me to form an opinion of Alex Jones back before I had to start reminding liberal news blogs not to source Prison Planet etc.

I found the site impenetrable so I tried listening to his radio show. Didn’t make it past the opening commercial so I went back to the articles. Read far enough in to find something I could fact check. Had to skim 700 pages of a proposed bill to verify the claim was bogus.

Alex Jones et al are the most boring conspiracy theorists ever.

To keep this on topic, I’ve known about Gary Johnson longer than all that and I’ve never been even slightly impressed.