Why (or why not) watch the debates!


I’ll go first.

Don’t bother! In the unlikely event that anything interesting actually happens it’ll be on youtube afterwards and you can watch it then, with the advantage of being able to fast-forward through all the predigested posturing you’ve already seen.


because there isn’t enough bourbon to help me deal with the stupid that will be coming out of the speakers…



For the same reasons that people watch Nascar or rubber neck at accident sites;

  • Morbid curiosity.

Why not?

  • Things are already depressing enough as it is.
  • I don’t have nearly enough alcohol stocked to make it bearable.
  • I don’t have nearly enough cannabis to make it tolerable.
  • I don’t want to end up throwing shit at my tv/throwing my tv out a wondow; that can get expensive.


I’m biting the bullet and will be watching. Just because I have nothing else to do, and because even though I’ve been voting since I turned 18, I’ve never watched any of these live. I’m not a great voter. I vote for a lot of people based on how my friends and family votes, at least locally and at the state level. Which is really stupid. The local level is where my vote counts the most, but I rarely do research. I know, I know, I’m a bad citizen.


It’s tv. too much pain. but youtube is also pain, and would require installing flash.


I just let @jemmieduffs read the voters pamphlet and mark the best choices and leave comments about the loons.

Seriously I do give a quick read to the candidates that are at least not right wing/libertarian nuts and do give a perusal of the loons cause well it makes for cheap comedy.


I haven’t watched anything (and have read less than I was doing) since it was obvious Clinton would win the primary. Skipped both conventions, because why bother? Kaine as a VP didn’t exactly enthuse me either. The GOP debates were all too hideous to even be vaguely amusing so I gave them up quickly.

And there’s no point watching anything more because there’s nothing that could convince me that Trump is beyond the pale and Clinton is the only sane, if disappointing and mediocre, choice (sorry, Stein supporters).

It’ll be on because the wife wants to watch. But I’ll just be drinking. And maybe exploring emigration options.


IIRC in the 2008 Primary I voted for GoodSpaceGuy, just because I knew WA would pick Obama.


Is that like “right wing/socialist” or “tankie/pacifist”?


Ah Goodspaceguy… He is persistent if anything.


Unlike that Nader guy :wink:


I’d have to dose myself at regular intervals with Nicorette lozenges to make it through. Not sure that expense is worth what amounts to ninety minutes of rubbernecking.

I’m not a smoker. Nicotine just calms me down.


Nothing Trump says in one sentence will immutable in another sentence. I don’t see a point in trying to watch it. Someone will make a highlight reel of Hillary’s best bits. I can wait to see Hillary’s part with The Orange One™’s parts taken out.


We get both standard republican reactionary right wing and lives in fantasy land libertarian candidates in WA state.


Why not?

Because I’m already depressed. I might go looking for some Labour Party Conference videos later though.


I, uhhhhhhh, have homework to do. Yup. That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it.


Lol, “The debate will follow rules agreed on by both candidates”

Let’s see how long that lasts, and also I’m sure the moderator won’t do anything when either one of them start breaking the rules and format.


Okay, got some Nicorette lozenges.* I’m ready. Let’s watch this shitshow.

*What, you thought I was kidding?


I am watching. It is already horrible. Trump is on ludes. It’s unsettling to watch slo-mo xenophobia. He’s already ignoring moderator instructions five minutes in.


So we drink every time he mentions Mexico and China?