Woman fights hot tub cover on a windy day


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Looks like a typical day on the Outer Banks of North Carolina!


If she could just. reach. her. utility! belt!


Good day for kite surfing!


The struggle. It’s better when you listen to this while watching:

  1. That looks like it sucked.

  2. Still, rich people problems…


Thanks! I love Harold Lloyd movies!


Are we sure she’s not a mime?


I grew up in Kansas. My dad bought an aluminum tool shed and stuck it in the corner of the yard. That spring, it was relocated to the opposite corner without human aid.


Mm - let me guess, southern or western Kansas?

It is always windier on the prairie, it seems like.


Southern. West Wichita, to be exact.


Dirty weather had come her way, indeed.


I have encountered that many a time.


An important corollary we went over in engineering school is that swearing helps.


hopefully our prez will go throw her some paper towels


Parents still live in Augusta.


“LUNGERS…of Augusta”

That memory is triggered every time I hear the name of the city. That or the Garage Sales of America kid. “Gosh, dad! What a bargain!” that comes out more like “Goshdadwhatabargain!”

Also, one of my best friends lived out there with his mom.



Just spit-balling here… but couldn’t she have tried putting the cover on from the opposite direction?