WSJ editorial board: Resign, Trump

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• " The best outcome would be for him to resign to spare the U.S. another impeachment fight"

The best outcome would be his public self-immolation


Pain only lasts for about a minute, then CO gas generated would render one unconcious.

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Fuck you, WSJ! There’s no partisan animus here. If a Democrat had done what 45 did, I’d be calling just as loudly for his removal and imprisonment.

It was fucking treason, regardless of party.


This editorial would be funny if it weren’t such a sad situation.


Nope, no mercy for any Newscorp publication. They can’t have it both ways. Newscorp has benefited financially from the very thing that has led to the events of Jan 6th, and even after the capitol riot happened they continued stoking the flames of violence and strife. Newscorp is one big rotten apple, and this includes the Wall Street Journal.


Is impeachment really a credible option with 2 weeks left in the term?

Can’t we just give Trump a 14-day time-out ?

This is preferred because it might even correct the behavior:

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The reason to impeach is to make sure he can never hold office again, I know you are making a funny, but this is an argument that you will hear over and over


Shorter WSJ: maybe allying ourselves with fascists to preserve capitalism wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Shorter me: ya think?


The self-righteousness of these right winger statements about the line finally being crossed is infuriating. Don’t lecture us about the sanctity of the constitution and democratic norms being threatened and turning down the partisan bile … we’ve been screaming about it for (at minimum) the past decade!!


If you ignore the surface text – which is a weak reiteration of the position every other paper has already taken – the significance of this piece is that it’s continuing to address Turmp as the main protagonist, and minimising his sedition as some collegial debate that went a bit far. Under these circumstances, it barely qualifies as a finger wag.

In practical terms I take it to mean that if Turmp conceded the election tomorrow, they’d let him off with a furrowed brow and a column admitting how majestically presidential he was being.


Or to put it to music:

So, Mr Murdoch, do you still think you can control them?


Wasn’t the plan all along for Trump to find a reason for Pence to be President long enough to pardon him? If he resigns, there’s Pence’s opportunity to pardon him.

Why is this tragic day being memorialized as Bloody Wednesday? Or White Supremacist Insurrection Wednesday? Or some far better phrase? Instead its gravity is being diminished amidst all the rest of the normalizing and numbed reactions.

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I found my local representative Connor Lamb’s speech to be perfect.

Fuck the republican sewage breathers that interrupted him, repeatedly.


Thats what fans are for :smiling_imp:

WSJ is begging for clicks apparently.

Save it for the bird cage.


(“Heh, heh, at least the Dow is doing good, right? heh heh!”)


Immolation fandom, or… oh. I see.

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Holy shit, the rats are fleeing the ship indeed

DeVos Resigns As Education Secretary, Says, ‘Impressionable Children Are Watching’

Impressionable children have been suffering under your bullshit routine for years, Betsy. I hardly think this is anything but you trying to save your own ass from being associated with this